5 Reasons to Move to Singapore

October 21, 2021

If you’re considering moving overseas, you will be thinking about which places will offer you the best quality of life, where the weather is pleasant, and the country offers you greener pastures both financially and physically.

Singapore is just such a place, and it is one of the most popular regions that people relocate to. It’s known as the business epicenter of Asia and economists call it the land of opportunity. Here are the top five reasons that moving to Singapore will be the best decision you ever make.

Lowest Crime Rates

In 2015, it was reported that Singapore’s rate of crime was only 6.7%. This is one of the lowest rates globally, and their biggest problem is cybercrime. Unlike most places, Singapore is safe to walk around the streets at night and you don’t have to worry about locking every window and door. There are severe punishments for crimes in Singapore, such as capital and corporal sentences for serious offenses. The law isn’t taken lightly by any means, so Singapore is an ideal destination for families looking to relocate.

There are even some unusual laws that you may have to abide by, such as no smoking is allowed in the whole country, however, this is a small price to pay for security and comfort.

Accommodation Options

In Singapore, you have privately owned properties and government-owned developing housing. There are numerous options available for couples or individuals and the closer you live to the coastline, the less you will pay. Singapore also has desirable interest rates that attract many people because they are lower than most other countries. If you are looking to purchase a property in Singapore, you will have to go for one that is slightly older though. The government only sells houses that are 10 years older or more to foreigners, but the interest on your loan will be less.

You can use this handy loan calculator courtesy of Property Guru to estimate your repayments on a mortgage in Singapore. Property Guru has thousands of properties to choose from in the Asian region and will guide you through financing your next property purchase. You can access useful articles on their website that discuss how you can move from overseas and tips to make the process easier.

Successful Economy

Singapore’s economy is one of the most successful in Asia and globally. It’s based on trade, manufacturing, and financial products and services and records a higher GDP per capita than other developed countries. It’s even considered more profitable than America with a higher GDP. Singapore has been titled by the World Economic Forum as the most pro-business economy in the world. This sovereign island uses open trading, particularly in electronics, chemicals, medicine, and financial industries.

The employment opportunities are also a massive advantage because many businesses have taken to opening branches there due to Singapore’s low tax rates. There have been numerous technological advancements in science, and Singapore has a high rate of skilled labor that favors immigration from abroad. The opportunity to open a business is another benefit of their successful economy.

Travel is Cheap

Once you arrive on the island, you won’t have to work very hard to get where you’re going. Cars are considered too expensive in the country, so most people use public transport to get around. For regions a bit further away, a quick flight will take you anywhere on the island. Both airlines and bus rides are cheap and easily accessible from anywhere in the region of Southeast Asia.

If you want to take a trip to Thailand or Malaysia, you can get last-minute air tickets at a good price. The main airport, Changi, has been named one of the best in the world and is often praised for being incredibly pristine and well air-conditioned for the warm climate.

Food is Important

In Singapore, there is a common greeting. Instead of asking how you are, locals ask if you have eaten. Singaporeans take their meals seriously and it’s a big part of the local culture. Their street food is comparable to expensive restaurants and there is such a wide variety of options that everyone will find something they like.

You will find a unique mix of Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian cuisines, and you will taste things you never have before. The food is quite cheap if you want to eat out and most people have their daily meals from a street food vendor or stall. They have options for all diets including vegetarian and vegans, and coconut rice is a common substitute in the dishes.

Singapore is not just a fancy tourist destination, but an innovative city that many choose to relocate to because of the rich economy and diverse cultural experience. These five reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more aspects that prove Singapore can be a great area of the world to move to.


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