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5 Ways To Create A Modern Minimalist Bedroom Look

Minimalistic interiors have been trending for so long now that we could almost consider them a timeless design. On the other hand, modern minimalism is merely minimalism with a merging of high-tech appliances, sleek and striking decor accents, and an overall sophisticated element.

Minimalist interiors offer a few appealing benefits, and some of these include easy cleaning, increased functionality, and versatility; these interiors are also perfect for a sleep environment. A reduction of clutter and excess decor will make it much easier to sleep, improving your sleep quality as a direct result.

That said, if you’re hoping to achieve a minimalist bedroom look, here’s how you can.

Invest In A Platform Bed

Modern platform beds are somewhat closer to the ground than the regular bed base box. A bed that is closer to the ground can make a small room appear larger by giving the illusion of more space. But more than that, these beds are also exceptionally sophisticated and trendy.

What’s more, a platform bed with a storage base is also the perfect solution to add more storage to your bedroom without adding clutter or more bulky furnishings.

Install Floating Side Table Drawers

Modern minimalist interiors always seem exceptionally spacious. So, switching your regular bedside tables for floating drawers is an excellent idea. These tables will also enhance the illusion of space while boosting functionality; you will still have your side table and drawer space.

Modern Lighting Solutions

Instead of holding onto your bulky lampshades for bedroom lighting, you should consider modern lighting solutions. These include charming chrome pendant light fixtures that hang from the wall elegantly or wall light fixtures that sit above your side tables.

When choosing light fixtures, consider options that are simplistic and sophisticated. Detailed and bulky lighting fixtures won’t compliment a modern interior.

A Vintage Area Rug

It might seem backward, although vintage can often be modern in interior design if the element is added in just right. And a vintage area rug is the perfect solution for a minimalist bedroom.

A large vintage area rug is a functional decor accent piece that will make a massive difference to the comfort levels in your bedroom. Area rugs tend to make spaces seem more inviting. Moreover, you should consider simplistic vintage designs in neutral or grey tons; avoiding too much detail where possible is essential.

Thick Velvet Curtains

Quality is also crucial when creating a modern, and the same is true for your sleep quality. When choosing curtains, block-out velvet curtains are a great choice. This fabric will hang neatly, complimenting the minimalist look perfectly.

Block-out curtains are also a good investment for your sleep quality, as sleeping in a dark environment is ideal.

Another addition you should consider when creating a modern minimalist bedroom is your choice of bedding. Silk and other high-quality fabrics are great choices. Upgrading your bedding to higher-quality fabric will help you sleep better, so it will be a worthwhile investment to consider.


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