5 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger And Brighter

October 29, 2021


The brightness is an extremely important factor in the bathroom. It not only makes things more prominent but facilitates their usage. If a bathroom is not bright, then no matter how much money you invest in its remodeling you’ll never get the desired level of comfort. Just imagine that you are standing right in front of the mirror to shave. If the overall brightness is not enough you can skip a spot that can become embarrassing in public. A brighter bathroom seems limitless and considering that people spend a considerable amount of time in, it just seems appropriate to consider a small bathroom remodel.

The best way to get it done is by hiring remodeling experts and exploring affordable ideas that can get you the desired level of brightness in the bathroom. The brightness is not only a necessity but a comfort factor as well. Because a bathroom without proper illumination can’t even be used. Below you can find a short list of tips that can help you maintain a good level of brightness in the bathroom.

Let the natural light in


Artificial light is considered an important part of daily lives, and yet the significance of natural light can’t be undermined. A small bathroom remodel can help you maintain a good level of brightness. The artificial light might seem like an ideal solution, but it is for the evening and for the night. Natural light is the source of brightness and there’s nothing comparable to it. The natural light not only illuminates the bathroom but increases the temperature as well and kills germs in the process.

You can take advantage of this natural light to achieve the desired level of brightness quite easily. The simplest way to do it is to let the natural light in your bathroom. A window is one of the best small bathroom remodel ideas that can help you get the level of brightness you need. The level of brightness can be controlled by window size and shades.

Bright Paint enhances the look

Not that you have seen a natural solution to the brightness problem in the bathroom, it is time you experienced something man-made as well. In fact, this idea involves both nature and human effort. Colors can play a major role in keeping your bathroom bright. The brightness is also important in the bathroom for strict hygiene requirements. Unlike olden times, people now prefer to have proper illumination in the bathroom and they love budget small bathroom ideas. There are a lot of possibilities that you can look into to prepare the bright base of your bathroom.

For example, getting your bathroom bright paint can miraculously enhance the level of brightness inside. Paint is relatively less expensive and that’s precisely why it is considered one of the most affordable remodeling ideas of all time. So, if you want to spend less and want better results, then hire the best painting contractors in town and pick a bright color. By having brightness in mind people often pick the white color or its derivatives.

Install larger mirror or multiple mirrors

It might sound like a challenging task to get the desired level of brightness in the bathroom, but not when you are willing to explore every possibility. People often buy houses that were built several years back with no focus on light and brightness. It’s kind of difficult to find a good solution for that and they might have to turn to artificial light for that. How would you feel to be in a bathroom that requires light even during the day? Take it from an expert, that it is not a pleasant experience.

However, you can try to improve the situation by making smart choices. Like installing a series of mirrors or a large mirror. The benefit of doing such a thing is that the mirror reflects the light and keeps it in the loop and takes the brightness of your bathroom to a whole new level. If you already have done some modifications to illuminate your bathroom, then mirrors are going to enhance the brightness even further. Other than the brightness, the sense of spaciousness increases exponentially when mirrors are used at the right place and of the right size.

Use Frameless Shower Doors


The significance of brightness is not only related to the bathroom as a whole, but it is equally important for the small areas independently, for example, the shower. Usually, the shower is an isolated area in a corner and that’s what limits the brightness inside the shower. The situation can be very frustrating if you have dark shower doors that reduce the brightness even further. Adding lights to the shower isn’t a smart move because there’s a risk of electric shock. Don’t worry though, there’s a smart alternative that can help you increase the brightness even in the shower. A frameless shower door can be an excellent addition to your bathroom and it is an optimal solution to all of your brightness difficulties. Since it is made from glass, if you have proper light in the bathroom and light paint as well, then a frameless shower door would take care of the rest.

Blend the ceiling and wall colors



walls-ceiling-min-scaledLike it is said before, that colors can greatly impact the brightness of your bathroom. If you can somehow manage to use light colors in every part of the bathroom, then leveling up the brightness factor of your bathroom isn’t difficult at all. For example, excellent results can be achieved by blending the ceiling and wall colors. The ceiling can be of light color and if the light color tiles are added to the walls, then you can achieve your brightness goal quite easily. There are a lot of light colors to pick from, so styling up a bathroom with light colors isn’t a difficult job.

Having adequate brightness in the bathroom is a necessity and there are plenty of ways to achieve the desired level of brightness. However, the selection of an appropriate way depends on you because you’d have to invest money in it. Doesn’t matter what type of method you choose to increase brightness in the bathroom, just make sure you hire the best contractors in the area.


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