6 Note-worthy Small Office Buildings Design Around The World!

October 1, 2021


An office building design speaks a lot about the office/business itself. This statement alone makes one wonder. No longer formal structures with grey and white paint are lively places to work. Therefore, modern office buildings are more innovative, thoughtful, creative, and apt. And if your small office building design is outdated or boring, you might want to take inspiration from our list below. We have scouted the classiest, most creative, and extravagant office spaces from around the world.

So, get ready for your minds to be flipped and dazzled as we commence our listing!

  1. Pollen Street Office Building Design

Image sourced from - ArchTalent, Mais Curioso

This attractive small office building design is actually situated on a spot where two streets meet in Auckland, New Zealand. One surprising fact about this exquisite office is that it was built at the very last stage of the shopping and FnB center. The idea behind this was to make it look as if the building was floating in mid-air. Designers have cleverly used the empty space below as a parking lot for the office.

  1. Guilherme Torres Studio

Image sourced from - pinimg.com

Architect Guilherme Torres is responsible for this incredibly mind-boggling small office building design. This structure is an example of minimalistic modern architecture. The simplicity of the aesthetic makes it more pleasant. Sing the same toned raw material for the entire office using varied symmetric textures is surely a smart move.

  1. Port House Antwerp

Image sourced from - The Agility Effect

The port House Antwerp is built by Architect Zaha Hadid. A little too fancy for a small office building, you would think. But, hey! Who wouldn’t want to go to this office daily, aye?! Water surrounds this stunning building that is above a fire station. It is at the Antwerp Port in Belgium that is decorated with shinning reflective glass. Imagine all the sunlight it reflects and shines through the day! It resembles the shape of a ship at a 100 meters height; if you couldn’t tell.

Strong concrete pillars support the structure that provides a 360-degree view of the arena. 900 tones of steel were used in its construction. This small office building is high in innovation and even higher in beauty.

  1. KSM Architecture Studio, Chennai, India

Image sourced from - KSM Architecture

The firm KSM Architecture was in dire need of new office space. Hence, the designers took it upon themselves and tagged along with the engineers to come up with a concept. Building a studio was the solution they came up with. The catch was that the project had to be eco-friendly. Additionally, this worksite is in Chennai. Here, the climate changes are drastic.

They needed a concept that would bear the climate sensitivity of Chennai. Various earthy tones were used in its execution and the end result was simply stunning. Another interesting fact is that the site was earlier a 35-year-old temple.

Headquarters of Wrzesińskie of News

Image sourced from - Ultra Architects

This small office building plan looks super expensive and luxurious, but to be honest, this project was executed at a very low budget. It is a media building and therefore, its exterior represents the newspaper columns. The interior loft is said to be very open and spacious.

Co-op Kyosai Plaza

Image sourced from - The Government of Japan

A very thoughtful and eco-friendly concept of RAIN CHAIN is executed on this building. Metal poles and foliage surround the building from all four sides.

To tell you an interesting story, many offices were damaged due to a pretty bad earthquake. This natural calamity occurred back in the year 2011. Many people did not even survive this calamity. This was because they were stuck inside an office and died because they couldn’t open an office window. Nikken Sekkei kept this main thing in mind while designing this structure.

We hope that these small office building plans would help you find your inspo. Make sure you create something banger which is eco-friendly, thoughtful, and practical. An office is a gathering place for minds to work, not slough in boringness. So, might as well make it cheerful and happy to work in?! Check more ideas of office like this at The Arch Digest.

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