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7 Tips for Hiking Alone

There are always some important hiking tips that must always be kept in mind whether someone is simply going for a short hike in the woods or even overnight camping. Most importantly when hiking alone, you need to be very careful because anything can happen that can lead to serious problems. This is why before you step out and start the hike, you need to plan in advance for any kind of emergency. Be sure that you are physically fit and research the area ahead of time so that you can identify any kind of danger that you might face. The following tips are very important when you want to hike alone and safely.

Know the Area

Before you start the hike ask yourself how well you know the area. You must know the natural environment very well so that you can identify all the poisonous vegetation and any kind of wild animals that are in that area. Be it, hiking, biking or kayaking, it is also very important to know how bad the temperature of the area can get. This is why it is recommended that when you are going for a hike solo, you need to do it near your home area or a place where you have visited before with friends.

Tell Someone Your Whereabouts

For your safety when hiking alone, it is very important that you tell someone when you are planning to come back home and where you are going. If you do this and something happens to you and you fail to come back at the right time, someone will definitely notice that something is wrong. Stick to the plan once you have told anyone where you are going and do not change your mind at the last minute. This will make it easy for them to find you if need be and make sure you inform them when you are back.

Read the Weather Report

Before you leave for the hike, make sure that you check the weather report. If the weather is not that well, you can wait or reschedule your hike to avoid problems like being soaked in the rain which leads to other issues like sickness and hypothermia.

Choose a Busy Trail

Choose a trail where you can see lots of foot traffic because these are safer and more maintained than the secluded ones. You are also bound to run into other explorers so in case you need help you can just shout.

Know you Limitations

Do not overdo the hike if you know very well that you rarely workout and get winded very fast. This is because fatigue may creep up on you and if you are solo then you will have a lot of problems going back. Before going out in the woods, it is very important to try a neighborhood hike first to gauge your abilities.

Stick to the Path

It is not good to wonder off the right trail because you could step into unstable ground. You might also run into some wild animals unexpectedly compromising your safety. Wandering off the trail also makes it extremely easy to get lost.

Bring Supplies

When going for a hike alone it is very important to carry the following with you: a map, a snack, first aid kit, a rain protection and more water. And lastly, make sure that you are responsible, meaning you must make sure that you stay hydrated, do not get cold or too over heated and keep the blood sugar level up.


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