A Brick-by-Brick Look Into the Top House Plan Trends Defining 2021

October 23, 2021

Our lives have changed drastically in the past couple of years, and the homemaking industry is evolving to reflect those changes. After a year indoors, consumers have different ideas about what they prioritize in a home. Read on to discover some of the biggest house plan trends defining 2021.

Custom vs. stock house plans

You can’t build a house without a roadmap, so a prospective homeowner’s first decision is what sort of map to use. There are pros and cons to both custom and stock house plans. A custom house plan allows you to build exactly what you like and leave out all the rest. You may also want a custom plan if you have a challenging lot requiring something different from the bare house.

However, custom doesn’t come cheaply. You can often find a stock plan that gives you everything you want at a fraction of the cost. Stock plan companies like Monster House Plans are always up to date on the latest trends in home plans, ensuring you choose a stock house stocked with modern amenities.

Multipurpose areas

The past year at home taught families that a house needs to be much more than the place where they eat breakfast and sleep. A house needs to be a space that a family can comfortably inhabit for days, even months at a time.

Extended at-home time means homeowners need spaces that serve multiple purposes. For families with kids, that means a quiet place for the little ones to do virtual learning while the adults work from home. There should also be equal space for communal and alone time.

Peaceful color palettes

Everyone has had enough stress for the past couple of years. Hearth and home should be a place where you can leave your worries at the door. The latest interior design trends include nature-inspired zen color palettes.

Peaceful combinations like warm neutrals and calming blues bring the great outdoors to bedrooms and living rooms. With these painted invocations, it’ll be like living in a hidden oasis.


As people are designing their homes, they're thinking about the future as well as the present. Homebodies are thinking of how the house will serve them in the years to come, meaning people are considering how homes will suit them as they age. Ramps and broader doorways are a few of the accommodations finding their way into modern homes.

Work from home

After prolonged stints of working from home, many people realized that their homes weren’t equipped to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

For families who are building a new home, they want to make sure they have ample space to work while keeping the area separate so that they can maintain a work-life balance. An office at a quiet corner of the house creates the perfect split for leaving work during working hours.

Functional kitchens

People are looking for even more functional kitchens. Savvy home chefs want plenty of work surfaces, to the point that some are installing two islands. Home plans focus on more oversized pantries and arrangements that make it easy for families to flow around the kitchen as they prepare meals.

Wrap up

Overall, home plans reflect our changing needs and values. People are looking to add space where they need it and cut it where they don't. It's about making homes as comfortable and functional as possible. Fortunately, house plans offer a myriad of options to meet everyone's needs.


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