All You Need to Know About Academic Essay Writing

October 25, 2021

Students in college or high school are assigned to write different types of essays. Essay writing provides an opportunity to learn effective ways to write creatively. Academic essays are of four types that are being assigned to students in their academic years. The students must know the types well as they are not being told which type, they are given to write. They have to figure it out from the question or essay prompt what type of essay they have to write.

These types share some similarities as well as a few differences. To know what academic essay writing is all about, students must have the thorough knowledge of some basic types of essays.

Here we have discussed four types of essays to help students understand different types and the nature of essay writing.

Argumentative Essay

The objective of an argumentative essay is to convince the readers about a specific point of view and to examine the certain information related to a subject or atopic. In order to do so, the writer has to build up his arguments and support his particular view along with the evidence.

In argumentative essays, both sides of the views about an issue are provided or either try to establish a convincing approach about the subject or the issue. The writer in an argumentative essay has to create an argument for either against or in favour of the issue or a subject matter with evidence to support his arguments.

Descriptive Essay

In descriptive essays, the main topic of the essay is described in detail in order for the readers to relate the discussion with their own experience. The topic of discussion can be anything such as, a person or a prevalent issue in a society etc.

Descriptive essays are written in detail, with all the insights and in-depth information and discussion relevant to the topic in question. The aim of the descriptive essay is to elaborate the topic minutely and critically from a different perspective.

The goal of writing a descriptive essay is kind of thought provoking, to elicit the emotions and ideas of the readers. In other words, to bring the readers on the same page with you, make them feel what you felt.

Several literary devices can be used in this type for the purpose of comparison or explanation, such as: metaphors; similes; imagery; dialogue; alliteration; analogies.

Narrative Essay

In narrative essays, the writer refers to his experience or to the narration of any study related he is writing about. Narrative essays are usually written in the first person and present the main issue or the topic in detail.

The goal of narrative essays is to involve the readers in the writer’s personal experience to an extent that readers feel they were present at that time with the writer.

Expository Essay

Expository essays are all about writing facts. The writer, unlike other types of essays, is not allowed to express his own views and analysis about the topic in discussion. This seems to be simple but can be a challenging one for the writers at times to be focused and adhere to the facts throughout their writing.


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