Changing Homes? 10 Tips For A Smooth Move

October 1, 2021

Moving trends about Americans show that people relocate 11+ times over their lifetimes while 32 million of them changed residences in 2018. Statistics from last year also have revealed that around 22% of Americans switched dwellings since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. You might have heard people calling moving the most stressful experience ever. Studies show that homeowners believe relocation to be more tiresome than a divorce/breakup! Well, leaving behind your familiar surroundings to live among unknown people may stress you out easily. However, you can avoid these issues by simply following our straightforward recommendations. They can help make this experience worthwhile.

Ways to make relocation less stressful

Homeowners sometimes don’t plan for relocation while considering packing/unpacking as trifle affairs. That’s why we suggest punctually fulfilling your responsibilities. Hence, don’t procrastinate and research correctly before choosing your moving partners. Understanding the psychology of moving has allowed experts to recommend some methods to make moving more comfortable for homeowners and their households. Following our below-mentioned instructions now will stop any last-minute surprises from disrupting your plans. Making relocation easier for your family allows you to enjoy it better and avoid wasting time on hollow pursuits. So, here are some tips for relocating smoothly to your new house:

  1. Declutter the house

You should throw away objects you don’t need anymore. Relocation brings an excellent opportunity for you to declutter the household and discard items that shouldn’t be at your new house. So, your outdated furniture, useless appliances, worn-out books, and yellowed documents need another home too. We suggest renting some climate-controlled storage space where you can keep your belongings safe. These self-storage units are ideal places for the stuff with a solid place in your heart but not in your new abode.

  1. Give notice

What’ll happen to the house after you change residences? If you own the property, then we propose selling/leasing it to acquire some funds for your new purchase. If you’re renting an apartment, you must inform the landlord about your intentions to relocate. Give your final notice, and don’t forget to review the details of your rental agreement! Also, tell the authorities about the decision to move, but we’ll get back to it later. Let’s now discuss tips to pack/unpack your belongings effectively.

  1. Start packing early

As we’ve already explained above, procrastination contributes to a stressful moving experience. So, start packing your belongings early and planning your relocation strategies a few months before the move. It’ll give your family plenty of time to make needed arrangements, inform friends/family, and contact moving companies. We suggest packing your stuff two to three weeks before the actual moving day. Also, ask for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Your neighbors will be glad to give you a hand!

  1. Start with one room

Don’t start packing the entire house simultaneously. Instead, focus on every room separately. So, you may stay organized while packing your belongings for saying goodbye to the house. Start with rooms your family doesn’t use much and – as relocation draws nearer – move on to rooms your family uses more often. It’ll help you transition to the other house comfortably without the relocation infringing upon your lifestyle. Label everything while packing, and don’t forget to take pictures of your stuff.

  1. Use smaller boxes

Gather packing supplies before you start hounding up your belongings. These supplies include some boxes, cartons, bubble wraps, and wrapping paper. We suggest using smaller cartons since they’re easily manageable. Ask your neighbors for some spare boxes, or you can get some from local stores for a fair price. Labeling these boxes will help you remember what items they contain, so unpacking becomes convenient later. Besides, packing/unpacking these small boxes won’t take much time.

  1. Pack your valuables

Don’t pack your essential documents with the other stuff. You have to carry these valuables (your jewelry and smartphone) on your person while relocating since you can’t tolerate the loss of these items. Also, ensure that you’re bringing your essentials – toiletries, medications, phone chargers, and a change of clothes – to spend the first night at your new house. So, even if movers arrive late at their destination, your family can survive comfortably without worrying about where to sleep.

  1. Hire reliable movers

Many scammers defraud homeowners during the moving season. So, remain cautious while finding a reliable moving company in your neighborhood. You should research properly and ask your friends/family for recommendations about trustworthy professionals. Don’t forget to ascertain that they have insurance for anything damaged by their workers. That’s why we’d asked you to take pictures of your objects. It’ll help you claim insurance if something doesn’t turn up at your home.

  1. Clean the house

You don’t wish to live somewhere without cleaning it properly. So, contact professionals to employ their services for properly cleaning your home. Schedule a “deep cleaning” service to ensure that every spot is well-polished before your family moves in! You don’t know to whom the owners had given a key to this house. So, remember to change the locks to enhance the security of your family and belongings. Call locksmiths to ensure that strangers don’t have access to your home.

  1. Research local businesses

You can’t “fit in” another neighborhood without researching native businesses. You’ll probably want to discover the nearest hospital, supermarket, and clinics/hospitals before purchasing a house in that locality. If you have children, look for well-reputed educational facilities located in the vicinity. From a mailman to a hairdresser – you’ll need to establish yourself properly in the area to continue your lifestyle. So, we suggest searching online for the nearest enterprises at that place.

  1. Set up your house

Finally, you should organize your entire house before settling there with your family. You don’t wish to arrive at your apartment only to discover that your utilities aren’t connected. Consider repairing the space, repainting its walls, and making suitable adjustments to transform it into the house of your dreams! So, what sort of arrangements do you have to make to finalize this relocation? We’ve mentioned some instructions here to ascertain that your house becomes that ideal location:

  • Connect your utilities
  • Keep your colleagues updated
  • Organize insurance for your new home
  • Inform your friends/family about the new house
  • Go to the post office and declare your changed address


Over 8 million Americans had moved in December 2020 since the beginning of the pandemic. However, we learn that many homeowners relocated to less expensive neighborhoods. An average homeowner in 2020 switched their dwelling to a place where residences were valued $27,000 lower than their previous house. It means people are interested in making moving as comfortable and stress-free as possible. You can do that by decluttering your house, renting some storage space, packing a month before the move, scheduling your utilities before moving in, and employing the services of reliable movers. That’s how this experience will become enjoyable for your entire family while you transition to a superior dwelling.

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