Checklist for Your Rental Property Hunt

October 19, 2021


When thinking about moving to a new rental we should first do thorough research, and once we find the perfect place we need to check every detail before signing the lease. It’s important to make a checklist of things to look out for, and not get ahead of yourself and let the excitement get the best of you. Many things can be wrong with your new apartment that you may not be able to see with the naked eye, so do an in-depth check before you decide to take it.

Below are some of the essential things you should include in your checklist.



Before you make the checklist, it’s crucial to find the perfect location. See whether you’re on a scout looking for specific locations like Texas and whether you’ve already chosen the exact place you want to move to. You may have spotted Lewisville TX apartments as your next home since Lewisville is a town that offers great opportunities for young people, and people moving with their families. Compared to the living costs, the apartment costs seem quite reasonable. Lewisville also has some good neighborhoods.

Make sure you check all necessary information about the location like living costs, job opportunities, neighborhoods, and whether it’s convenient to live with kids. You might also want to know whether it has active nightlife if you’re looking for that kind of place. Besides specific locations like state or city, think about the apartment’s location and whether you want it to be near the center or prefer the outskirts.


Inspect the place and check for necessary updates

One of the first things you should check before moving to the desired apartment is to do an inspection and see whether everything is in good shape. Things like flooring, windows, heating, and cooling system, and many more things, are the first that should be checked. You wouldn’t want to move to a new place and find out that the roof is leaking or you don’t have a good HVAC system installed.

If you have a specific taste and want to upgrade your new place, you should consider hiring professional contractors that offer services including window and door installation, HVAC installation, and even kitchen cabinet refacing. Remember to check everything from plumbing to electrical outlets and lighting to see whether it needs an update or a total remodeling.

Water pressure

If you missed checking the water temperature and pressure when you made your initial inspection, don’t forget to check it right away. This may fly under the radar, but it’s something we must deal with every day, so consider it as a priority in your checklist. You wouldn’t want to deal with water pressure and temperature that’s too high or too low. Of course, you can’t take a shower while you’re inspecting the place, but don't hesitate to test it on your hand to make sure it’s suitable.

In case you notice something’s not right, talk to your landlord or the company and see whether there’s something to be done about it before you move in. Although it might not seem like an important thing in the beginning, bear in mind that it can become a real problem later on. High water pressure can be a “silent killer” for your plumbing system, causing leaks, dripping toilets, and intense faucet flow.


Note that pests like rodents and bugs can always find their way in, and can become a huge problem if not dealt with on time. You wouldn’t want to share your apartment with something like roaches or mice, so make sure you do a thorough evaluation of your potential new home. Check cabinets, corners, and also check the walls and baseboards for any cracks or holes.

You may also notice signs like shedding, decay, or droppings, so ask your landlord to see copies of the most recent pest control treatments to the building or apartment. In case there are any pest issues note that it should be stated in the lease. Ask for specific questions and know what to look for. The perfect home should be without pests, so make sure you check well.


Cell phone reception

Cell phone reception and internet connection are very important when moving to a new place. Especially in this day and age when many people are working from home, you would want to have a stable internet connection and a good reception to be able to enjoy staying at home. Especially since you’re moving to a new place, you would probably want to keep in touch with your family and friends, so a good reception is crucial.

When checking the new place, make sure you try and use your phone to see whether the reception is consistent and up to your standards. Ask the landlord about the Wi-Fi situation and whether it’s included in the utilities. If you have to provide that yourself, ask what the best provider for that area is so you can purchase accordingly.

In closing

Apart from the above-mentioned checklist, you should also consider checking how the parking space situation is and whether there are assigned or unassigned parking spots. Ask the landlord about the rules regarding the parking space, and what you should do in case someone parks in your spot. Also, consider visiting the place at night and check the neighborhood during all hours, and see how noisy it gets. Remember to include all aspects before you decide to move in.





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