Christmas Styling Tips For A Small Space 

October 22, 2021

Christmas is undeniably the most exciting event of the year where everyone goes festive, adorn their home, and get creative with the space. However, people with small spaces often trespass on Christmas decorations because of space constraints but you don’t have to. All you need to do is be smart about the holiday décor and use every inch of the space with some Christmas-y ornament. So, if this entices you, let’s dive into details!

The Christmas Tree

Sure, your space is small and you cannot have a big Christmas tree at the entrance but small Christmas trees with slim and slender body are always an option. If you don’t even have a small corner, just get Tabletop Christmas trees and put them on the dining table, which will add a touch of holiday magic. Also, when displaying these artificial Christmas trees on the dining table, don’t forget you can display Christmas ornaments in a clear crystal bowl.

Dining Room Flow 

What’s Christmas without a party, guys? But again, you need space for your Christmas and considering flow is important. It’s highly likely that you don’t have a dedicated dining room but defining the eating area is important. For instance, you can use low-height ottomans and benches rather than those big chairs with high backs. To make the area a bit more festive, add some Christmas lanterns, so foodies don’t feel left out.

Create Ambience 

Everything lights up during the holiday season, so why shouldn’t your cozy home have all the light? However, rather than switching on the fluorescent bulbs, opt for candles as they are perfect for small places. In addition, it doesn’t forfeit the leg room and adds a festive touch – what’s not to like here? In addition, you can opt for fairy lights but warm lights are better for ambience.

Recycled Decorations 

Storage is a serious issue for small spaces and it’s needless to say that you won’t have space for reusable decorations. So, just raid the local thrift store or arts & crafts store to buy recycled Christmas tree decorations and Christmas baubles. The best thing about them is you can discard them as soon as holidays are over.

Scent Matters

When it comes down to Christmas decorations, all those lights, baubles, and ornaments will wow your guests when paired with a seasonal fragrance throughout your place. So, get some potpourri, pour them in small crystal bowls, and place them all around the home. Even if you cannot purchase potpourri, stick some cloves in the orange peel, hide them in corners of your home, and watch them do their magic.

Focus On Colors 

Every Christmas, people go crazy with greens and red but these colours aren’t suitable for small spaces because they are too loud and overload the space. So, keep the colors minimal and add a few hints of green and red (whites and gold are apt for a Scandinavian decoration). As far as the gift wrapping is concerned, opt for white wrapping sheets, use green and red ribbons, and add a metallic bell sticker!

Center Table For Gifts 

Even with a small space, you need a table centerpiece to create a central area. In addition, rather than spread the tablecloth, opt for a table runner as it creates the illusion of a bigger room. Now, decorate this center table with ivory or white-colored candles to add some texture. That being said, the ultimate gift table is ready without creating clutter.

Spruce The Ceiling 

When you decorate your small space for Christmas, the entire floor will be occupied with tables, chairs, and people but what about the ceiling? Well, you can simply hang some Christmas garlands and curly strings to change the dynamics of your holiday decoration.

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