Common Questions Around Knockdown Stairs in Manufacturing Plants

October 12, 2021


Engineering professionals and factory owners wonder if installing knockdown stairs in a facility is possible and how exactly the process works. They may also have doubts about knockdown stair designs.

Factory or warehouse owners should consider several points and questions before buying industrial stairs.

  1. What Does the Knockdown Stairs Installation Process Entail?

Knockdown stairs are decks that can be built and disassembled as needed. This process requires a manufacturing facility to acquire the necessary equipment and materials to make the deck fit their specific taste and needs.

Once this step is complete, the crew tasked with building the knockdown stairway would construct it from scratch.

2. How Long Do Knockdown Stairs Last?

Typically, these types of stairs only have a lifespan of around ten years if they're continuously being used at least five days a week every week throughout the entire year.

However, suppose you have a product or piece of machinery going up and down these stairs less often than usual. In that case, they may effectively last for fifteen years or longer before needing repairs or replacements.

3. How High and Wide Can Knockdown Stairs Get?

Manufacturers build these stairs in a multitude of heights and widths to accommodate any need. They can range anywhere from five feet tall and four feet wide to thirty feet tall and twelve feet wide, with all sorts of variations in between these two extremes.

4. What Is the Purpose?

The primary purpose behind Knockdown Stairs is to allow products or pieces of machinery to be wheeled up and down them, so they don't have to be carried by hand every time they need transporting.

Efficient knockdown stair designs can prolong the lifespan of these items and also cuts down on many different types of industrial injuries that could occur when lifting heavy objects with poor form.

5. Where Can Knockdown Stairs Be Used?

The most commonplace to use these types of stairs is in a factory setting. Still, you can also use them in warehouses or any other facility that needs their products or machinery moved from one floor to another without physically carrying them up and down each flight of stairs.

While it would theoretically even work as an additional set of stairs on the side of a cliff if needed, it's recommended you conduct extensive quality testing before applying the stairs for this use.

6. What Type of Material Do Manufacturers Use to Build Knockdown Stairs?

To construct a proper knockdown stairway, manufacturers will need certain pieces and parts such as connectors and screws, which can all be purchased from a local hardware store.

They will also need the construction tools needed to put everything together, including drills and other power tools. The materials used may vary based on knockdown stair designs.

7. How Much Does Knockdown Stairs Cost?

The cost of industrial stairs is dependent on many different factors, including height, width, materials being used, etc. You will find several of these types of stairways in manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Check out stairs in existing facilities to get an idea of the costs associated with the project before it starts.

This information may not be available online because each stair is built specifically for each client's needs.                                                                                                                                                             8. Will Knockdown Stairs Work Best?

It is important to note that these stairs are modular, which means they can be disassembled and reassembled to fit different needs. If you need extra pieces or parts, these can always be made to order by your crew building the stairway.

9. What Is Included in This Process?

As stated above, these types of stairs are built with specific dimensions in mind. So, workers must know what exactly they will require before the project begins.

They will also need to know if any special tools or pieces are required to purchase them beforehand to cut down on time spent trying to find what is needed before work may begin.

All of this information will be shared by manufacturers ahead of time by the team working directly with the client who needs the stairways installed.

10. Are There Any Additional Costs?

These types of stairs may likely require special tools or pieces to be created. Depending on the type of product being used and what is needed for each stairway, some clients may need additional items added to their list of materials, which will increase the cost accordingly.

Wrapping Up

Discuss all your requirements with your manufacturer before work begins so that no surprises occur once the project has started. The main benefit of these types of stairs is that they allow products and machinery to be transported up and down without having to lift them with physical labor.


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