Contemporary Living: Trends and Tips for Modern Homes

October 12, 2021

When speaking of a contemporary home construction, reno, or simply small interior transformations, we imagine there to be a recipe on how to go about them. Truth is design is flexible and largely a personal matter, depending on the individual’s likes, dislikes, plans and ideas. Of course, all this in addition to the budget.

Prior to carrying out a home refreshment, it’s crucial to ask yourself what would most make you feel happy to have in your abode. Whatever your project may be, make sure it’s a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. This is why it’s important to consider and work on your design outline to make it easier for designers to make your dreams a reality.

And, when your creative juices aren’t flowing, it’s okay to search for inspiration elsewhere, like design mags, and your friends’ homes to “steal” some ideas that would work for you. Our ideas for carefully and stylishly designed modern homes might come in handy too, so keep on reading to find out!

Create Your Fusion

Before COVID-19 arrived and turned our world topsy-turvy, living areas were well defined and separate; not anymore! The increasing amount of time spent indoors for weeks and months on end influenced the latest contemporary design trends, the most prominent one of these was creating multi-faceted rooms.

In translation, the newest home designs are smart designs since they allow you to have the flexibility to create a fuse of whatever you see fit in the rooms to elevate the degree of comfort. Despite the benefits of open floor plans, they are no longer the latest trend for homes with many dwellers under the same roof.

Respective of this, the living room doesn’t have to be simply the entertainment and reception room anymore – you can create corners or areas of comfort and privacy within with the introduction of specific pieces of furnishings in the likes of dividers and rugs.

Don’t have a big home with an office? Feel free to make a desk part of the living room and place it strategically for utmost productivity and space use. Have an office but don’t have the much-needed home gym in times of lockdowns and quarantines? It can serve for more than work if you double it as a recreational area – desk time AM, workout time PM. As long as you choose the ideal space-savvy gym equipment, that is!

Love to try out new recipes but alas you have a small kitchen with insufficient countertop space? Why not blend it together with the dining room and create a more chef-friendly layout. Love to cook and entertain altogether? Turn the kitchen-living room blend into a reality. The possibilities are truly endless thanks to the modern homes specialised in convenience!

Use Practical Storage Solutions

A small home doesn’t have to mean a crammed home as long as you choose the right storage solutions to keep it clutter-free. The latest designs still focus on the best use of space, though it’s more emphasised than before now that fusions are the trend.

Taking into account unexpected at-home activities became the norm in 2020, the focus was on making the interior much more efficient. Anything and everything works in your favour when it comes to organisation, so be sure to consider every bit of your home to avoid chaos. Not surprisingly, as a result there’s been a huge interest in multi-functional furnishings.

Smart shelving is as popular as ever, and so are ottomans and coffee tables with hidden storage, and pandemic pantries with built-in shelves, lift systems, and caddies for expansive grocery storage. The other trend that has won the hearts of many are the foldable pieces that transform into something else, like dining tables that can be turned into benches, kitchen islands doubling as coffee stations, retractable tables, and pull out functional sofa beds.

Functionality reached the bathrooms as well, the focus being on wall storage, shower storage in the form of niches, wall-mount vanities and sinks, and mirrors with cabinets. Pieces that are modular, compact, fold and fit easily hidden in the bedroom under the wardrobe or in the bed storage are equally desirable. And, speaking of modular, compact, and convenient, this leads us to the next trend of modern homes.

Choose Modular Design

While modular housing isn’t that recent of a trend, as it’s caught the attention of many worldwide over the years, its popularity has grown considerably over the last year. Much like modular furniture, the modular concept is desirable because of how quick it allows for constructions, renovations, and upgrades to be carried out.

Since most of the building happens in environmentally controlled facilities and factories, there’s less damage from exposure to the weather elements, as well as less room for mistakes and damages throughout the construction thanks to utilisation of high-end machinery. As such, this building concept is also much more affordable with no surprises from unexpected expenses along the way.

No matter whether you decide to get a new home from scratch, or transform your current abode so it would become more functional, it’s possible and easily achieved with prefab modular modern house design which happens to be a low-noise solution. Another reason that wins over most people is the fact its base is sustainability, so it’s an eco-friendly choice as well – great for you and the planet. In addition to the significant reduction of waste from the materials, there’s also the use of recyclable practices.

So, if you decide you no longer like that modular room you added for leisure, the materials can easily be repurposed or recycled. If this doesn’t convince you enough, the chance to implement beneficial solar energy systems, greywater systems, natural light from strategically positioned windows and features, and improved ventilation and insulation will show you why it’s ultimately a great investment. Homes with indoor air of quality, ideal for long stay at home, and fewer costs down the road – what’s not to like?!

Start an Indoor Garden

Surrounding ourselves with nature in the functional modern homes became imperative, as we got to spend less and less time outdoors last year. As a result, there’s been an influx of flora being purchased throughout the same period.

It isn’t that shocking considering plants bring along various benefits. Besides offering us the fresh savoury fruits as rewards for our gardening efforts, sans the chemicals we get from supermarket alternatives, they give us purpose and comfort during difficult times.

The positive effects of gardening for people’s health and well-being have long been known, so if you find yourself in need of a fun, relaxing and satisfying hobby, it’s time you put those thumbs to work – no matter how brown they may be. The extra advantage you can count on is filling your lovely home with freshness in the form of lush greenery that would make your indoor stay all the more pleasant.

Carlos Diaz
I believe in making the impossible possible because there’s no fun in giving up. Travel, design, fashion and current trends in the field of industrial construction are topics that I enjoy writing about.

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