DIY Furnace Repair in Valparaiso IN Guide

October 21, 2021

As we head deeper into fall, people in some parts of the world, including Valparaiso, Indiana, are beginning to think about winter and when they should consider turning on the heat. A few states might even have the furnaces blazing by now. No one wants to wake up to a cold home.

It's one thing if you have the temperature on a lesser setting and need to dress a little warmer, but if the furnace is not functioning adequately or doesn't appear to be operating at all, that's a whole other problem. Generally, these things happen in the most inconvenient moments, like when the weather is extreme.

But if you have some exceptional DIY experience, you might be able to troubleshoot the problem and make the necessary repairs if not too technical. Let's check out a few minimally complex issues homeowners can handle without the need for a service call.

DIY Furnace Repair In Valparaiso IN Guide

The suggestion with heating and cooling systems is that homeowners avoid attempting complex repairs with the intricate designs since doing so can lead to more significant damages resulting in more costly repairs.

That's why preventative maintenance with furnace repair specialists in Indiana (check out an example at is encouraged to detect issues before they have an opportunity to advance to significant problems.

If you can avoid the cost of a service call by handling a minor repair with DIY savvy skills, technicians encourage doing so. Common furnace problems befall many households, and it's worthy for you to be aware of the nature of the issues, so you have an idea of what to do when they happen.

A few tips will guide you through troubleshooting and simple fixes. Always remember, if you don't feel comfortable or if you're unsure of what's happening, call an expert for servicing. It's always better to feel safe.


The thermostat is the automatic go-to if the system is not functioning. It's not unusual to believe that you have the unit on, but the lever is not actually in the "on" position or even that it is not on "heat" instead of "cool."

The batteries get changed within a year. Mark the date you change these, so you do this routinely, whether the system alerts you or not. If you have a system wired to the electrical system, check the circuit breaker. Switch it off and then back on if it isn't tripped already.

The setting on the thermostat should be five degrees above the house temperature. Move the dial a few degrees each way to see if you notice any difference.

Producing heat but not adequate

A system that's producing some heat is entirely different from one that isn't operating at all. Poor performance from a furnace to the point the home receives insufficient heat can mean the air filter is dirty or clogged. This is 101 of homeowner care and upkeep. See how homeowner maintenance repairs can save on repair bills.

Air filter changing is a simple and routine maintenance task that needs handling as soon as signs of debris, grime, and particles collect. Doing so enhances the air quality and helps to protect the system's components.

By holding the filter up to the light, you can tell if it needs changing. If no light can pass through, it's clogged. You'll also know if you notice a musty, dusty odor coming from the vents each time the blower engages.

The furnace should not be on when changing this piece. Your furnace repair technician can show you how to install, as will your manufacturer's manual.

Furnace safety switch

If the furnace is not functional, the safety switch on the door needs checking as one of the initial steps after the thermostat and circuit breaker. This switch will stop the burner and fan from operating.

Furnaces incorporate a safety switch that will deactivate when the panel is removed. The door needs to be situated with the switch engaged, or the furnace will not work.

If you don't feel comfortable wiring a new safety switch, this would be a call to the professionals for a greater sense of safety and peace of mind. Check out some DIY that homeowners should avoid here.

Final Thought

These are merely a few things that homeowners in Valparaiso, Indiana, can take care of in a DIY capacity. For more guidance of care and upkeep for your heat system, check in with your professional heating and cooling repair tech website, where many will provide tips, tricks, and hints on what you can do to maintain your system before needing to make that call.

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