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Dos and Don’ts of Tree Care


When it comes to caring for any tree, it has more to it than most people realize. You can’t simply dig a hole, plant it, and expect it to thrive — there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do to help it reach its full potential. Tree service Dunwoody is here to educate and assist you in properly caring for your trees so that they can reach their full potential, be healthy and beautiful. Knowing what not to do and what to do is the first step in growing a beautiful, healthy tree.

The Dos

Pruning your trees should be done regularly

Tree pruning is essential for preventing storm damage caused by trees. Pruning, on the other hand, is beneficial to the health of trees. Tree pruning by tree service Cumming encourages tree development and aids in controlling tree insects and illnesses. Pruning trees in the early spring is ideal. Pruning includes removing weak, damaged, or dead branches, as well as those that are close to power lines.

Check for pests and diseases on the trees.

Insects and diseases can severely harm trees. As a result, you must get all of the trees on your property evaluated thoroughly. You’ll be able to treat trees efficiently if bugs or diseases are discovered early on. Tree service Dunwoody will help you.

Trees should be mulched.

Mulching is also required as part of a tree care plan. Mulching trees by tree service Cumming offers numerous advantages. Trees frequently flourish in poor soil. Mulch contains nutrients and minerals that a tree requires for healthy growth. Mulch also keeps the soil around the tree’s roots cool and moist.

Trees should be adequately watered.

Water is required for all trees, bushes, and plants in your landscape. However, the weather may be dry and hot. After a couple of hot and dry days, you should water your trees. Make sure a tree’s base is well-watered! Tree service Dunwoody Will help you.

During construction, keep your trees safe

Do you intend to construct a new home on your property? Or perhaps you want to modify your current home? All of your trees that are close to construction should be protected in some way. You’ll be able to lessen the chance of tree damage by doing so drastically. Tree service Cumming may help you.

The Don’ts

• Cut Branches With Blunt Tools

Cutting away certain branches from your tree with a blunt knife or saw can damage the bark. The tree’s branch collar may not seal the wound and accept food if it is significantly injured. If the tree doesn’t acquire enough nutrients, it will eventually die.

If you’re going to cut down pieces of the tree, be sure the equipment you’re using is sharp and long-lasting. Before using your shears or power saw, make sure they’re strong.

• Cut Off The Tree’s Top

When trimming a tree, topping is considered a harmful practice since it removes a significant crown section. If you do this, you’ll disable the foliage’s ability to create food, putting its survival in jeopardy.

Removing a tree’s entire upper portion makes it more susceptible to rot and pests. It will also take a long time for it to re-grow its crown. You’ll not only endanger the health of your tree, but you’ll also lose the shade it gives to your property.

• Cutting Too Close To the Collar Of The Tree

The collar of a tree is the gently curved section that connects a branch to the tree’s main body. When pruning your foliage, make sure you’re not cutting too close to the bark.

Last Thoughts

Pruning is a necessary chore to perform when caring for a tree. This will help to keep the foliage healthy and prevent it from growing too large. To know more, contact Sesmas Tree Service.


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