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Everything you need to know about outdoor fire pits

Originally, outdoor fire pits were pits dug to help control the fire and inhibit spread. Over time fire pits have upgraded to various designs, such as portable firepits to include in your outdoor space. Fire pits are made in different formats, and most of them are wood fuelled. However, you can also get gas-fuelled fire pits. Following various restrictions to outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, it is necessary to ensure that you bring dry wood to avoid excessive smoke. Moreover, ensure that your firepits are located off boundaries or in close proximities to buildings.

There are various fire pits prevalent in the market today to suit all preferences and budgets. They range from the coziest fire pits to small and straightforward metallic fire pits that are pretty inexpensive. However, A firepit, regardless of price, adds distinct character and appeal to any outdoor space with its stone and flickering flames. Although they aren’t always cheap, they are a common component of high-end outdoor settings, to the point that owning one is an instant upgrade.

Outdoor fire pits offer several advantages such as entertainment, warmth, adding value to your home, cooking food, and creating an informal and cozy ambiance. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in outdoor fire pits and enjoy the endless benefits.

Various types of outdoor pits

Various types of outdoor pits are prevalent today. Some of them include;

  1. Wood burning firepit

This is the most common type of fire pit found in multiple stores and homes. Wood-burning fire pits come in a wide range of sizes and designs, from tabletop models to ones with big fire bowls and wheels for convenient travel. A grate for preparing dishes or cooking, a poker, and a mesh guard against sparks are commonly included. The spark guard will prevent embers from escaping the fire bowls without blocking the view, while the poker may be used to securely shift coals and wood about to keep the fires burning.

2. Propane fire pit

Propane fire pits are often huge, making them an excellent choice for outdoor locations. This style is also known for its extravagant and intricate designs. They usually run on a self-contained propane tank, just like outdoor barbecues. This model could also be anything from a cutting-edge device turned into a table to a portable model.

3.  Natural gas fire pit

If your home has access to a natural gas line in the outdoor space, this fire pit style is a great choice. The most significant advantage of natural gas fire pits is that they never run out of fuel. However, if you want to buy this type without a gas hookup, the piping system can be expensive to build.

4. Gel fire pit

This style of fire pit is a fantastic way to add mystery and atmosphere to your garden. As the name implies, it creates fire with gel, which is clean and produces no smoke or odor. Tabletop and log gel fire pits are the two forms. Gel-fueled logs are available for use in any fire pit design, and they’ll provide the fire a genuine feel and appearance while concealing the holders within the logs. A tabletop gel-fueled fire pit might be better if you want to have a modest fire in your lawn or garden. This style can be transported indoors or used to dress up your outdoor table.


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