How Do You Bring Nature Into The Office?

October 4, 2021

You could be itching to grab some much-needed fresh air and be outside, and increasing everyone's outdoor exposure while at work can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

The use of natural materials or patterns in the workplace is becoming increasingly popular, like an indoor water feature for the office. It's been proven in numerous studies that workplace architecture influenced by nature boosts productivity and well-being for its workers. According to one study, being outside all the time is good for your brain. Bringing nature into the workplace motivates employees to do their best work while improving their health and well-being.

Continue reading for some ideas for bringing nature into your office come spring if you've been suffering from winter workstation fever or burnout.

1. Add a water feature to your office design.

Decorated fountains and water displays, such as waterfalls, can have a range of positive effects on the working environment at the office. According to most managers, increasing the aesthetic appeal of an office can reduce stress, which can lead to greater productivity. A water feature engages the senses of sight and sound. Beautiful fountains aren't just for those who are well-off; it's for everyone who needs them. The water's continual motion enhances the show's visual appeal and helps keep the audience engaged.

2. Consider biophilia when making a design.

We, humans, love nature, and this love is known as biophilia. When it comes to biophilia design, natural elements such as plants, wood, and natural light are prevalent. Refreshing your office's ambiance can be as simple as using natural-looking materials. Wildlife and the natural environment inspired the colors, textures, and patterns of Biophilia fabric.

3. Bring in more plants to help with air quality in the office.

Studies show that bringing plants into the office boosts productivity and happiness among employees. Make a moss wall or add potted plants to your bookcases for more greenery in your office. As with welcome zones and employee work cafes, plants help open up a place. Adding living plants and greenery walls to the office can help raise the air quality by increasing the amount of oxygen in the space.

4. Make use of natural resources.

There are numerous methods to incorporate nature into the workplace. It doesn't have to be restricted to plant life in order to be effective. Bringing the outdoors in is possible using natural materials like stone, wood, slate, and even water. Furniture like a natural wood conference table can complement these treatments or components.

5. Make use of earthy tones.

Use organic color palettes and earthy tones in your workspace to incorporate elements of nature. When it comes to trees and plants, green, brown, or tans might be used, while blues or whites indicate water or the sky, respectively. It is possible to use these colors on your furniture, your walls, and even your flooring.

We've all walked out of the office and discovered we didn't spend the entire day outside; therefore, offices should be designed to encourage small daily interactions with nature. Employers' creativity and engagement will soar if they use some of these nature-inspired solutions.


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