How Much Does Pool Service Cost?

October 22, 2021

The average cost of maintaining a swimming pool is $1,432 for a year. This includes the regular cleaning and maintenance as well as chemical balancing that must be done on an annual basis or when there's been some major damage like leaked chemicals causing corrosion to arrive at your house if you didn't already know about it beforehand.

The yearly expense for keeping up with one’s own personal waterpark isn't so bad once we factor in all those extra expenses: repairing any leaks caused by negligence; hiring professionals who charge between $200-800/hour depending upon their qualifications (and location).

If you're looking for the best way to keep your pool clean, consider hiring a professional service. A monthly subscription will run about $132 per month on average.

What is the cost of pool service?

  • Pool cleaning prices range from $80 to $183 per month
  • Price range: $137 - $333
  • Pool opening/closing prices range from $228 to $583
  • Price range for pool repairs: $147 - $888
  • Price range for annual pool maintenance: $1,064 - $1,800

A lot of people like to spend their time at the pool, but forget about all those dirty tasks. Without regular cleaning from a professional staff member or self-sufficient individual who knows what they are doing it will only get worse over time.

Expect an average cost between $1,064 and $1,800 for pool service in las vegas which may include basic maintenance such as routine checks on filters (about 80¢/month) plus weekly brushing down with chemicals ($63).

Cost Depends on Pool Size

The longer it takes someone to clean your pool, the more they charge. For example: if you have a large and dirty pool that needs regular maintenance than an average-sized one will cost less in time spent cleaning because of its size compared with other factors such as number or frequency of visits required by different sized pools over various periods due primarily to their depth

Many professional cleaners charge per hour for labor which means larger pools require more attention throughout each visit while smaller ones only need occasional brushings every now then.

Other Factors

The type of swimming pool you have will affect how much it costs to clean and maintain. There are three major types that determine the specific cleaning requirements: above ground, in-ground or fiberglass. This is because each one requires a different kind equipment for their upkeep respectively; an automatic cleaner with vacuum attached across all drain pipes so they can be emptied without human help etc..

Swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes but there's more than just size when determining what needs doing around your house after use! You may think (or hope!) that any old waterwill do as long asthe filter bags don't get clogged up again ASAP--but then find out later on downs.

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