How To Cut Copper Pipe Close To Wall

October 16, 2021

Nowadays, there are several handy tools for cutting copper pipes, including oscillating multi-tools. These tools are capable of cutting copper pipe too close to wall or pipes in open spaces. Read more on how to cut copper pipe close to wall.

Moreover, if a medium-size hacksaw does not work in close quarters, you should either use a pipe/tube cutter, an angle grinder, a metal cutting shears, or any other similar tool. says, during the installation of HVAC systems, there are usually copper pipes fitted next to the wall. However, after constant use, these copper tubes can either bend, break, or fail.

Note that copper has many advantages. For instance, copper is a good electrical and thermal conductor. Additionally, copper is a ductile and malleable metal. Lastly, copper is resistant to corrosion.

After reading this article, you will understand how to cut copper pipe close to wall.

How to Cut Copper Pipe Close to Wall:

When a close-quarter copper pipe fails or breaks, you should replace it with a new and resilient fitting.

So, what is the procedure of cutting copper pipe close to wall?

Step-by-Step Procedure

To cut copper pipe that runs close to a wall, there are four up-front steps involved

Step 1: Choose the correct tool to use

Choose the precise tool to cut any copper pipes close to the wall more professionally. An ordinary hacksaw will not be effective in case you have a copper pipe that is close to the wall.

So, what’s the solution?

Three convenient and alternative tools can get the job done.

A pipe Cutter

Pipe cutters come in various shapes and sizes. However, most of these handy tools function the same way. Pipe cutters are small hand-held accessories with a cutting wheel.

Ideal for cutting pipes close to the wall

What to check for in a pipe cutter

Before choosing a pipe cutter, you should check whether the pipe cutter is adjustable. An adjustable pipe cutter can cut any pipe between ½-inch to 4-inches.

An Angle Grinder

This is another versatile power tool that delivers fast and even cuts. When working with an angle grinder, always consider safety.

Note: A 4-inch disk angle grinder is ideal for cutting copper pipes.

An Oscillating multi-tool

An oscillating multi-tool is a general handy tool that can deliver close-quarter cuts on different materials.

Pro Tip: When using an oscillating multi-tool to cut copper pipes, choose a high-carbon steel circular blade for cutting copper tubes. Measure twice and cut once otherwise you may end up having to fix an unnecessary and costly mistake. I have seen many DIY'ers cut a copper pipe the wrong length. In-fact just the other day a benefactor of an inherited house in Denver, CO asked me to buy the property outright for cash. When I inspected the inheritance I found all sorts of plumbing issues including copper pipes cut incorrectly. This, among other things, severely impacted the cash value of the inherited house. If you plan to start cutting plumbing you must first learn what you are getting into. One mistake could cost you a lot of time and a lot of cash." said Shaun Martin, a specialist inherited property cash home buyer in Colorado. Follow this link to learn more about selling inherited property in Colorado and how Shaun Martin buys houses at this website.

Step 2: Mark the pipe

Before you begin cutting the unwanted section on a copper pipe, you need to mark it first. Here, you should use a marker and tape to make clear markings on the copper pipe.

Also, remember to clean the copper pipe before making the necessary markings.

Step 3: Use an oscillating multi-tool for copper pipes

Auto cut tool

The auto-cut tool for copper pipes is a small handy circular tool that has 3-4 cutting discs designed to cut copper pipes.

Fit the auto-cut tool on the marking and rotate it clock wise(anywhere between 15 to 25 times)until the pipe is cut.

But in case you cannot utilize more leverage while close to the wall, you can use an extension gripping arm to hold the auto-cut tool.

Angle grinder

If you have an oscillating multi-tool, you should first fit the precise blade for cutting copper. Next, wear safety gloves and safety goggles. Then, cautiously use the power tool to cut.

This technique also applies to angle grinders.

Last Step: Cleaning the copper pipe edges

The next and last step is cleaning the copper pipe after it is cut.

If you are using an auto-cut tool, you do not need to worry a lot about cleaning the copper pipe. This is because the auto-cut tool leaves much cleaner cuts than the other alternative tools.

If you are using an oscillation multi-tool and a grinder, then you have to clean the copper pipe. Grinder cuts usually leave excess snags or burrs at the edges of the copper pipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do you cut copper pipes against a wall?

A: Copper pipes that lie close to the wall need a specialized tool to cut. The auto-cut tool is the best alternative handy tool. However, you can use an oscillating multi-tool or an angle grinder if you do not have the auto-cut tool for copper pipes.

Q2: What can I use to cut copper pipe close to wall?

A: DIYers want to know how to cut copper pipe close to wall. You have three alternative tools to consider. 1. An auto-cut tool for copper pipes. 2. An oscillating tool for thicker copper pipes. 3. An angle grinder for heavy-duty projects.

All these options have their advantages.

Q3: What is the best way to cut copper pipe close to wall?

A: The best and most efficient way of cutting a copper pipe that is close to the wall is by using an auto-cut tool for copper pipes. This tool is not only handy but gives cleaner and straight cuts. Additionally, it is an easy-to-use multi-tool.


Cutting a copper pipe that is close to the wall is easy if you are using the correct tool and if you have the precise step-by-step guide.

Note that some copper pipes are soft while others are sturdy. Moreover, different tools serve diverse functions. For instance, an angle grinder can cut a copper tube in approximately 60 seconds. However, the angle grinder leaves the copper tube edges irregular and full of burrs.

For thicker copper pipes that are close to the wall, you should choose an auto-cut tool with sturdy circular disks.

If you have the precise tool, you can cut copper pipe close to wall professionally. An auto-cut tool, in this case, is the best alternative for cutting copper pipes close to the wall.

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