How to Prepare Your Home When You’re Hosting Christmas

October 7, 2021

October is here now, which means that Christmas and the other holiday dates are right around the corner. If you plan to host your family and friends at your abode this year, it’s wise to get started on the preparations now, so you’re not too flat out, overcome, and stressed come the yuletide season. Here are some steps to get ready. A small red car with a tree on top of it Description automatically generated with low confidence

Plan Ahead

Yake the time to do some planning so you don’t get to the day your guests arrive or Christmas morning and realize you’ve forgotten some critical jobs. Make a list of everything you need to get done around your property, and then consider how much time each task might take and other factors that will affect completion, such as fetching supplies or hiring contractors.

In particular, if you plan to do some renovation work, you’ll need to allow yourself plenty of time. Remember that the period before Christmas is often one of the busiest for tradespeople since everyone wants to get their house in order in time for the festive season. As such, you’ll likely need to give contractors plenty of advance notice that you need work done. If you want to do the work yourself, you’ll also need to fit this in around your job or other commitments, which means time can be a factor.

Do a Deep Clean

In the next six weeks or so, it pays to give your entire home a deep clean so that as Christmas comes closer, you don’t have to stress about doing the heavy-duty cleaning work when you’re busy with other tasks. Start by decluttering your place as much as possible, inside and out.

If you’re like many people, your guest bedrooms, attic, basement, and the like have become storage areas over time where you put everything you’re not sure what to do with. If you have people staying with you over the festive period, though, you’ll no doubt need to reclaim these spaces for your guests.

Decluttering now will help ensure people have somewhere to sleep and help you leave enough space for guests to comfortably and safely store their gear without the fear of items falling on top of them as they sleep. Plus, decluttering makes it easier to spot issues that need taking care of before people arrive.

When you’ve finished reducing your home’s build-up of “stuff,” dive into a deep clean. With fewer items around, you’ll be able to examine different areas of your property more effectively for cleaning needs. Focus on cleaning the oven and rest of your kitchen, plus bathrooms, carpets and other flooring, and living room and bedrooms. These are the areas that will get used most at Christmas and could need the most work.

Handle Repairs and Upgrades

You might want to address some repair jobs around your property before the holiday season begins. You may need to patch holes in walls, get TV aerials working in dens or elsewhere, fix or replace loose or broken tiles, or get windows properly opening and closing again. You may also want to give your home a fresh coat of paint to make it look more modern, replace taps, showerheads, shower curtains, and towel rails, or address mold or mildew issues.

Consider lighting, too, and ensure your guests will be able to see appropriately outside the home if they arrive or are moving around in the dark. Also, give them enough illumination in the room(s) they’ll use as their sleeping quarters. Plus, you want visitors to feel comfortable when they’re at your place over the festive times, so address HVAC needs. If you’re in a part of the country that’s still warm in December, you might need to install or replace modern ceiling fans so you can move air around and make the home feel airier, especially if you’ll have a big group hanging out together at one time.

You’ll likely need some heating options, so get reverse-cycle air conditioning units and other heating appliances serviced now, so they’re running optimally. This will reduce the likelihood of issues occurring and help you save on your power bills, too. If you don’t already have heating options in your house, consider getting options installed or buy some space heaters or other plug-in products.

Before Christmas arrives, you may also want to upgrade appliances, especially your fridge, oven, microwave, stovetop, hot water system, and other gadgets that will get a decent workout in December. A picture containing indoor, person Description automatically generated

Some other ways to prepare your home for the holiday season include updating mattresses, pillows, linen, and towels, and doing some landscaping in your yard(s) so the property looks more attractive and is free to use.

Hosting Christmas celebrations can be stressful and tiring, but the memories you make from these occasions are priceless. Follow the tips above to help you be the best host possible.


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