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How to Use Live Stream Technology and Its Benefits

In the business world, it is important to stay on top of the local trends and have the flexibility to reach the target audience. Live streaming has become a great way to engage with customers and introduce them to the various aspects of the business. Although easier than many forms of marketing, it does still take some time to understand what is needed to successfully live stream.

The Equipment

The first step to live streaming is ensuring the proper equipment is available. This will help ensure the video and audio is quality material and readily able to stream online. This guide for live streaming will help identify various equipment options to help the process run smoothly.

Audio and video equipment is the most important aspect to live streaming. Some streamers manage by simply using the video and audio capabilities of their smartphones. However, for a professional-looking stream, it may be a good idea to look into separate audio and video equipment to get the best sound and video quality possible. GSE AV has you covered for all your audiovisual equipment and lighting for your event.

A video encoder is also a great option for live streaming. An encoder is a device or software that easily packages the video to send to the internet in real time. There will also need to be a stable internet connection to ensure the video runs smoothly without freezing or cutting out.

Social Media

The next step in the live streaming process is to determine the destination of the video feed. This is the site that will allow the feed to be run in real time to best reach the target audience. There are many social media sites that provide the perfect destination for the live stream.

Social media is the platform where businesses can connect with customers, increase awareness about the brand, and boost sales and leads. Most businesses should already have a social media account with dedicated followers for their business. These sites are the perfect media for sharing live stream videos.

If the company operates several social media sites successfully, the live stream can be run on multiple platforms simultaneously. This will ensure customers that may only connect on one site still have access to the content when it is available.


There are many benefits of live streaming for businesses. The biggest benefit is customer engagement. Traditional advertising or even social media posts can feel dry and separated from the customer base. With a live stream, customers can engage with the business by watching the stream in real time. They are even able to comment and discuss topics with other customers or even the streamer.

This engagement helps customers feel more important and like they are part of the business. It can even help to increase engagement for social media followers who have been dormant. It may spark new interest for them in the business and potentially lead to more sales.

It is also the perfect option for live events the business may be having. By live streaming the event, businesses can target a much larger audience than those who are at the event in person. It may even increase interest and prompt more people to show up for the next event in person.

Once the live stream is complete, the video can be easily archived and left up for viewers to watch at a later time. Although they may not be able to engage as easily, they would still continue to see the company and the community engagement of that company to help boost their interest. This will continue to provide advertising even after the stream is complete.


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