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How To Ventilate Your New Bathroom

Bathrooms come in all sizes and designs. One of the most common bathroom challenges for many homeowners is ventilation. Any minor plumbing fault, like a water leak in badly ventilated bathrooms, can spread mold and odor. And this may not work well for your new floor, bathtub, and other bathroom accessories. As a homeowner, there are several solutions you can leverage depending on the extent you want to go. Solutions can vary from a complete bathroom remodel to incorporating the following tips into your next home project. Here are some pointers for ventilating your new bathroom.

Customize bathroom features.


Talk to any homeowner about their dream bathroom design, and you’re likely to hear features like a tile floor, sparkling toilet, sleek bathtub, sink, and other luxury accessories to play the part. Not that interior design isn’t essential, but how all these features collectively function matters more when you are looking for a vanity.


The most extensive ventilation solution can be creating a custom bathroom. After settling on your personal style and design choices, the first thing here is to ensure the whole process is in the hands of a bathroom renovator or an experienced team of professionals.


If you have no idea who to call, a quick Google reviews search will reveal the most competent brands for your bathroom projects. To get specific results, adding the area where you reside or nearby areas like “bathroom remodeling in Minneapolis” can be a good idea.


Look out for professionals who are offering a free estimate as part of their scope of work. It helps to compare options and follow the process every step of the way. Remember that even though it’s a general contractor rule of thumb to provide free consultation, not all of them will opt for such arrangements.

Optimize ductwork for efficiency.

An HVAC system is an essential home appliance installation for every home. On hot days, you need an efficient AC to keep your home cool. In the winter months, your thermostat can help regulate heat flow. But your HVAC unit can play a more significant role in bathroom ventilation. As regards, keeping ducts short and straight can be a great idea.


Renovating your duct systems is also another reason to get professional consultants instead of going DIY. Even ductwork cleaning may require an HVAC technician. In the long run, the last thing you want is an increase in energy bills after tweaking your ducts, AC unit, or heater.

Invest in the right fan.

Getting an extractor or exhaust fan can be an effective way to ventilate your new bathroom. The extractor fan’s objective is to rid the bathroom of pollutants and aid with ventilation. But just like all other appliances in today’s smart home era, fans aren’t built the same.


It might not be a good idea to grab just any fan you see at an affordable price. An exhauster fan that can make adjustments with humidity conditions and ventilation needs as they vary can be a better option. This may require testing for a brief period. Keep your warranty close by in case you need to get the fan changed.

Get a dehumidifier.


In any house, high humidity in a small space like a bathroom is to be expected. Recording anything between 30% and 50% in relative humidity for the rest of the house is normal. In effect, considering special features like a dehumidifier can be the best way to ventilate your new bathroom. Getting a dehumidifier can also help with the amount of moisture on your bathroom mirrors. Consider that an added bonus.

Opening doors is not always the best option.

An extractor fan does an excellent job of ventilating your bathroom. But in the absence of a fan, you might be tempted to let the humidity out through the door. In dealing with humidity, it’s essential to know that this method mainly works with an adjacent window to let moisture escape.

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