Important factor for Building a Healthy Home

October 22, 2021


Are you going to construct a new home, make it your own, & take advantage of the chance to design a space that is perfect for you? And besides, home would be where you spend time with the family and unwind after a long time at the office. Now that you’ve made the decision to create your own sanctuary, Blue Door Realty developed a list of ten essential factors to consider while constructing a new house. Let’s get started.

A house is made up of more than simply a structure, siding, as well as a roof. A house should be a peaceful, soothing, and energising environment. When it comes to planning your future house, one of the most important considerations should be the quality of life. Another essential component of a home is the health & well-being of the residents.

Building with health in mind is a good idea!

New houses are becoming considerably healthier for their residents, in addition to being more energy-efficient. Homebuilders are increasingly taking a more holistic approach to new house construction with the spray foam gun. Here are some of the elements and floor layouts that were employed to make this possible.

  • Ready-Made or Custom-Made

When it comes to building a home, one of the decisions you will have to make is whether to go with a ready-made layout or something unique with an original concept. You can get a sense of the process as well as how the house appears by looking at plans and construction photographs on sites like stock photos.

You should seek expert advice from persons who have recently acquired a new house, both custom-designed and pre-built. You may also look for advice, ideas, and information on discussion boards & forums to assist you in deciding which sort of property to purchase.

  • Materials that are healthy

Alternative building things are utilized that are healthier for your home. Natural products are a fantastic place to start. Choose genuine wood cabinets & solid surface kitchen counters. Granites, slate, and marble are examples of these materials.

Look for drywall that has the most natural gypsum & the least synthetic gypsum. Synthetic gypsum is less beneficial for your house since it releases huge levels of radiation into the atmosphere during manufacture. An excellent alternative is any material and product which does not release chemicals.

If anything has a distinct new odour, it is most likely emitting chemical gases. Choose materials that are as natural as possible, with as little manufacture and processing as possible. The following are some of the worst items to have in your home:

  • Plastics
  • Sealants Made of Chemicals
  • Carpets made of synthetic materials
  • VOC-containing sealants & paints
  • Woods that have been pressed
  • Laminate Materials Manufactured

  • Understanding Your Own Specific Requirements

In addition, for the home to feel like home, you'll need to make a list of concepts and decide on key must-haves for each new project. Communicate your thoughts and obtain comments if you're working with an architect. The size of the house is crucial since you'll need to account for the amount of people who will be residing there.

Everyone desires and needs their own personal space. Get advice from the architect to prevent costly blunders like having too many rooms, which increases the expense of maintaining and building the house. If you wish to work from home, such executive study will help you save money on company expenditures. Also, put it in a peaceful area where you can come up with fresh ideas and methods.

Are you planning on inviting family and friends over for a long weekend of luxury? Consider adding guest rooms to comfortably accommodate them. Utility rooms, such as the laundry, basements, pantry, or sunrooms for additional gathering area, are also important considerations.

  • Improved Air Quality Indoors

Even in a brand-new home, the air quality may be poor. Dust, paint splatters, and other construction materials can get into your vents & float around in the air, causing breathing issues. The whole house air purifier can remove pollutants like germs, mould, pollen, animal dander, and other allergies triggers from your air.

  • Access to the Great Outdoors

Exposure to the outdoors is high on the list of requirements for homeowners who wish to live in a green & healthy environment. The ability to bring the outside inside has a health benefit.

The quantity of natural light that modern home designs bring into interiors is also essential. Natural light offers several health benefits. Floor-to-ceiling windows & an outside patio or shelter should be included in your new house. This area may be used to workout, read, or simply rest.

  • The floor covering

Flooring is the most important aspects of new construction, and it has a significant influence on a home's health. You may enhance your health by selecting a product that contains the fewest chemicals & pollutants.

Consider flooring alternatives that don't trap a layer of pollution in the fibres or hold the lowest amount of wetness. Hardwood flooring are popular among homeowners.

You can also skip the carpet. Dust, grime, and particles that trigger allergies cling to carpets. These particles get entrenched and are impossible to remove, even with the most severe cleaning procedures.

  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds): None or Low

The sort of paint you pick is critical for keeping your new house as healthy as possible. Choose a paint that contains few or no severe organic chemicals (VOC). VOCs can induce irritated eyes and noses, headaches, and nausea in people who are exposed to them for a short period of time. Some alternatives include paints that are totally VOC-free while still being high-quality & producing excellent results.

  • Avoid Using These Building Materials

Many construction materials create a lot of dirt and hazardous substances, which humans inhale. Furniture, sealants, insulation, adhesives, and paint all emit these toxins. By avoiding the items listed below, you can reduce the exposure to these poisons.

Phthalates, chemicals that used make plastics soft & flexible, are found in vinyl flooring, blinds, and wall coverings. These substances have the potential to harm the brain & reproductive system.

Many hazardous compounds can be found in sealants, adhesives, and surface coatings. These compounds can leak into the air we breathe, known as off-gassing. Chronic exposure throughout the course of a person's life has been related to various malignancies as well as liver & kidney damage.

Formaldehyde & ther VOCs can off-gas from engineered wood. Formaldehyde can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and skin, as well as increasing the risk of asthma.

Toxic flame retardants as well as other chemicals can be found in certain building insulation, causing asthma, congestion, & headaches.

Conclusion -

You don't have to go all out & spend a lot of money to make your house healthier. A few tweaks during the construction process will go a long way.

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