Ipe Hardwood Decking; the Pros and Cons

October 4, 2021


While planning a decking project, among the most significant consideration is the material. Over the years, hardwood decking has proven to be an effective solution. You can keep the space in shape for years with the best wood without spending a fortune. Ipe hardwood decking is among the top options for commercial and residential spaces. Whether you are working on a high-traffic area, including boardwalks or beach piers, residential properties, among others, Ipe hardwood flooring will match your needs. Ipe is considered among the most beautiful, strongest, and hardest woods, making it a go-to for many users. If you are considering it, here is everything you need to know about Ipe hardwood decking to help you make a sound decision.

It’ll last for years

Ipe can withstand almost anything you throw at it, making it an ideal solution even for outdoor spaces. It’ll serve you for decades with less maintenance. Ipe’s tough wood fibers mean that it is insect resistant. What’s more, it typically receives a Class A rating, meaning that it is among the most flame-resistant materials. Its hardness and density also make it to water penetration. Its rot/decay resistance further improves its longevity. With simple maintenance, Ipe hardwood decking will serve you for a lifetime, typically over six decades. The best part is that you’ll get an extended warranty, such as 20 years, following where you source the material with such life expectancy. While it isn’t cheap, in the long run, Ipe hardwood decking is a cost-effective solution.

Natural and the beauty

Going natural is a significant step, especially as you strive to reduce the environmental impact. Ipe offers a natural solution. This is unlike options such as composite, which features a combination of pulp and plastic or treated lumber featuring toxic chemicals that harm the environment. Ipe is 100% natural as it doesn’t need treatment and comes with a beauty perk. You can opt to coat the deck and maintain the deep tones. You can also leave it to fade, turning into an exquisite tone naturally. The looks and less impact on the environment give Ipe an edge as you consider the best decking solution.

Maintenance ease

Wood expands and contracts due to considerations such as temperature and humidity. This can affect your deck. Ipe‘s movement is small, meaning that you won’t have to observe significant maintenance. The best part is that board replacement isn’t a challenge, either. You can replace a damaged board without significantly affecting the deck looks, as it won’t stand out as much from the rest.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Safer decking

While not on top of many users, Ipe also has high slip resistance. This means that even in a wet environment, it won’t be as risky. This is a significant consideration, especially in commercial or public spaces. Slip and fall injuries are a considerable challenge, especially considering people with disabilities. With a high static coefficient in wet environments, Ipe makes a much safer decking solution.

A significant hiccup that can affect your Ipe hardwood decking efforts is its availability. Ipe isn’t as readily available and costs more than most woods. What’s more, it is mostly only available predrilled, as its toughness makes it hard to cut and almost impossible to screw through.


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