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Print-on-demand commodities that will sell in 2021

Have you decided to start your t-shirt company? Do you want to print custom t-shirt? Are you confused with the different print-on-demand products? Don’t know which product will work well during the New Year? Then here is a guide for you. Print-on-demand commodities are not a recent innovation. They have come a long way and have incorporated the needs and requirements of the changing society. From the earlier days till now, print-on-demand products have worked well.

Whether these are tote bags, t-shirts, shirts, or even mugs, everything sells. Today, there is a broad spectrum of commodities you can sell online. There are bedsheets, BlueTooth speakers, yoga pants, and much more to add to your list. However, you will have to decide on your niche and understand the products that work well in the market. For finding this out, you require a quick guide. If you stick to the recent studies, you will understand that a few products are always in high demand and are trending. Hence, dealing with these commodities will be profitable for you.

Grab an understanding of print-on-demand commodities

Print on demand products are nothing but drop shipping that allows sellers to add branding and unique designs to a wide range of products that they intend to sell in the market. They are best performing on the digital platform where you would find a huge competition. Remember that working with print-on-demand products requires you to have a source, print, store, and proper posting of the products. You may also go for print-on-demand suppliers that will handle these things on your behalf. Hence, you will have more energy, time, and money for creating unique designs and marketing the same. All in all, these products are an easy way of starting e-commerce entrepreneurship that will create a unique brand.

Clothing never goes out of fashion

When talking about print-on-demand products, you have a wide range of products like stickers, sneakers, tote bags, backpacks, wall art, cushion, and much more. However, of all these, clothing is the most prominent one. If you want to kick start your entrepreneurship, you have to develop unique designs on the best fabrics. If you want your image to grow in the market space, stick to clothing, and that will increase your popularity. These days novice entrepreneurs are trying their hands at t-shirts, hoodies, yoga pants, and much more. These are always in high demand and work well in any season. When working with apparel brands, you have an entire collection of print-on-demand products.


Sneakers always work well in any season. Those interested in sports and fitness are always on the lookout for trending sneakers. Ever since 2014, the market has been full of eye-catching and high-performing designs. Various print-on-demand agencies now provide their customers with sneakers. Apart from this, different print-on-demand companies give attention to unique designs, templates, fabric, and much more.


Another fascinating product in the print-on-demand category is stickers. They are prevalent among the youngsters. If you go by the market trend, you will see that this category’s interest has always been strong since 2004. If you are dealing in stickers, you will have to create eye-catching designs, go for fun designs, come up with attractive colors, and that’s all. If you want your stickers to work well, you will have to pay attention to the method you are using for printing. From screen printing to DTG to vinyl, print on demand Canada uses multiple options. You will have to select the one that suits your requirement.

Fanny packs

Fanny packs have made a recent comeback. Market trends have revealed the interest of youngsters in these packs ever since 2018. Very similar to sneakers, fanny packs are challenging to create. However, it would help to get in touch with trustworthy and professional printing companies to provide you with unique products at great prices. For inspiration, you can check out different websites for your ideas and experiment on them.

Face masks

With the spread of COVID-19, things have changed drastically. Face masks evolved as an inseparable part of human life. It has become an essential health-related product that will never lose market shortly. People who are interested in face masks want to get something dramatic, unique, and attractive. Hence, print-on-demand face masks are creating an impact in the market. Having said that, when you are initiating your print-on-demand company, you can try your hands at face masks. They sell in both categories of men and women. However, your brand will make a difference.

Lastly, you can try your hands at water bottles, tote bags, backpacks, and much more. All these categories work well and create an opportunity for making a profit. These days Bluetooth speakers have also made their inlet in the print-on-demand category. You will have to consider these options if you want to make money. If you know how to sell, you can capture the trends here successfully.


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