Read these 7 Tips before buying a tankless water heater

October 1, 2021

The constant supply of hot water to our bathrooms is one of the many blessings people of the current era have been bestowed with. Like who would not want to have a hot shower after a busy day in winters. Cold season should not prevent anyone from having showers, as it used to in the ancient days.

Water heaters have revolutionized the world of personal hygiene since its invention in the year 1889. Before which masses would heat water in large buckets over stove or wood fire. In ancient civilizations, for instance, in Rome public baths were provided with water from hot springs. These natural sources made it a lot easier for people to have access to hot water during the cold months of the year.

Let us spare a moment and thank water heaters for existing and making our showers easier and more comfortable. Always remember that having this convenience is a must and should be always made available. Therefore, you should be always ready to  call in our Weatherford water heater repair experts whenever needed.

A water heater heats and stores the hot water till used. These come in different sizes depending on the amount they can store water. If all the heated water has been used, it takes a considerable amount of time to reheat another batch. This would mean long hours of you waiting in the shower for hot water.

Recently, manufacturers introduced a new type of water heater; the tankless one. This type of heater heats up water within a few seconds, as soon as you open your tap in the kitchen or bathroom. With this invention, one does not have to wait for reheating, and the hot water supply never stops. Electric tankless water heaters are game changers and if you are thinking of purchasing one, then follow these tips before buying.

  1. Warranty:

Buying a tank less water heater can involve certain risks, so you want it to be covered by a warranty. An extended warranty might help you in case of any malfunctioning. Before you invest in a water heater, make sure it comes with an extended warranty, because with the passage of time the device might degrade, especially if you have a hard water supply to your home.

2. Water consumption:

Another factor that has to be pondered upon is the amount of hot water that your household uses. Greater amount will require an efficient supply, which implies the installation of an efficient device.

3. Size of the heater:

Decide how many showers and faucets at your home do you want to supply hot water. This will determine the size of the heater you opt for. Larger heaters have the capacity to supply water to more bathrooms at once and vice versa. The type of water heater to be installed is done by determining your flow rate and the difference in temperature.

  • Flow rate: Know how many places you want the supply of hot water. For instance, calculate the number of showers and faucets all over your home that you want to supply hot water at once. Measure the total flow rate by adding the flow rates of all fixtures/faucets in GPM (Gallons per minute).
  • Difference in temperature: Find out the difference of temperature between water that enters the heater and the required one by subtracting the 2 values.

These 2 factors can help us determine what type of tankless water heater is suitable for you

4. Climate:

Keep the climate of the area you live in in your mind before buying a tankless water heater. Colder regions make it harder for the water heater to heat up instantly. Similarly, hotter climates don’t have to exert a lot to get water heated.

5. Place of installation:

Before purchasing a tankless heater, decide its place to be installed. Indoor units work better in cold climates, as neither the distance from point of use is long, nor the temperature of water entering it is too low. This will make it easier for the unit to heat up the water.

Likewise, people in hotter places with few months of mild cold should get their heaters installed outdoors. Moreover, outdoor water heaters are specifically designed to endure the harshness of the external environment.

6. Distance from the place where it is going to be used:

Electric heaters are less costly and work better if targeted to heat one point’s water. There are small heaters that are only intended to heat water coming out of one particular faucet. The heater should not be installed too far from the faucet/shower.

7. Fuel:

Tankless water heaters take gas, electricity or liquid propane as a fuel. Those that use natural gas or liquid propane release exhaust gases and need a proper ventilation, if installed inside, but are known to heat up large amounts of water more efficiently.

On the contrary, electric heaters don’t produce any by-products and thus need no ventilation, but consume more energy. These heaters are easy to install and their maintenance charges aren’t too high.

So, if you have built a new house and it is easy for you to install a proper ventilation system, then get yourself a gas or liquid propane powered heater.

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