Real Estate Guest Post Guideline: Write for Us

October 6, 2021

When it comes to real estate, it is crucial to spread the word about the latest and newest listings. Furthermore, you must be ahead of the game in order to actually sell property. Additionally, Urban Splatter has been publishing real estate guest post articles since 2012. Also, we have an extensive outreach campaign that publishes your article to a long email list weekly. Lastly, our social media pages cross-pollinate your content.

Real Estate Guest Post


How To Get My Real Estate Guest Post Published

So this all sounds great but you might be now wondering, "how can I get my real estate guest post article published on Urban Splatter?" The answer is simple... email us: Also, we will get back to you within 24 hours at the latest.

Furthermore, we would love to post your real estate guest post on our website but we only allow posts that follow the following basic guidelines.


Real Estate Guest Post Guidelines

  • Length: A minimum of 500 words
  • Paragraphs: Divide your real estate guest post into clear paragraphs making it easier for users to read.
  • Links: These can be included, but should be added to the content to provide useful information to the audience. We will NOT accept spam, non-informative links or black hat link building schemes.
  • Media:  You can include media such as images, videos, maps, tweets etc in your post.


Why Guest Post?

Firstly, guest posting allows for your business or client (if you are a 3rd party digital marketing agency) to be exposed to people browsing the internet... its that simple! Secondly, real estate is extremely hot right now so this is even more important as the competition is fiercer than ever. Additionally, we specialize in helping everyone sell homes from celebrities to the average Joe. Also being published on Urban Splatter will definitely help your business. Lastly, we offer the cheapest guest posting based on our competitors and have really outstanding website statistics that are only growing exponentially!

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about real estate guest posting on Urban Splatter. Furthermore, please leave your thoughts and comments below. Finally, read some other articles like this one on our frontpage. Also, check out our InstagramFacebookPinterest and Twitter too!


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