Signs For a Fire Sprinkler Replacement in Burbank, CA Contractors

October 25, 2021


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Fire is a natural element that none of us can control when spread inside an enclosed space (a building, forest, etc.). It is the reason why there are several seminars done as part of children's education. What to do when there is an emergency inside the building, what to do when caught by fire, and how to handle a standard extinguisher are taught to kids as early as middle school. Besides that, a more sophisticated way to combat this incident is simply by installing a fire sprinkler.

An incident with this element is not so uncommon. In America, a fire occurs every half a minute (read more), and a civilian dies of it every few hours. To avoid this, it is time to do a check-up of your sprinklers and determine if it needs to be fixed or replaced.

However, much like any other installment inside a building or a home, the sprinkler deteriorates in quality, whether it be a broken part or through corrosion. This is due to time, age, and its direct contact with water. Because of that, there may be some problems when the time comes for the sprinklers to work and contain the early beginnings of the incident.

Signs Of a Replacement

It is crucial to catch the signs of deterioration early on, so a quick fix or replacement can be done at once and the problem does not amalgamate into a bigger issue, costing you more money. After all, one or two major repairs will always cost more than three or more minor fixes.

To see the signs, you must first decide to do a monthly check-up and create a checklist of the possible problems present. That way, you can quickly conclude and diagnose what is wrong with the sprinkler. When the professional repairman arrives, you two can easily decide to either do a fire sprinkler replacement or simply repair the existing one. Include in your checklist these problems to base your conclusion on.

Head/Pipe Damage

Head or Pipe Damage can be one of the most common issues to a broken sprinkler. It is also the most baffling case to handle because its cause is most undoubtedly preventable! The damage to the head is caused by physical force, meaning there's trauma to the object caused by another equally heavy or heavier object. This often happens during renovations, or anything related to construction. It is essential to install these last when you are constructing a building or to make sure it's properly protected during a renovation.

You can also create a permanent protective cage around the sprinkler to protect it from possible trauma anytime. You can certainly talk to your chosen professional about this addition to the installment.


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Another equally common problem is corrosion. Corrosion is a chemical phenomenon that happens in materials such as ceramic or metal. Corrosion takes place because of the interaction of the metal with other elements, like the water of oxygen.

Of course, it is not a preventable case unless you want another type of sprinkler that is not metal-made. Usually, when sprinklers have corrosion are replaced as soon as you determine there are signs of it. Vital signs can be a rotten egg smell or water discoloration when you try the sprinkler on.


If your faucet is experiencing a leak, it means there is either a problem with the head, pipe, or water distribution. The same goes for your sprinkler. If you experience any leak from it whilst not in use, there is probably an internal problem that needs to be checked as soon as possible.

Leaks can root from factory defects of the sprinkler. However, this happens rarely, and most of the leak problems come from the poor workmanship of the installation. Tight fittings or a loose installation area can be direct elements to the problem. You will need to call a professional right away to repair or re-do the installation.

To Repair or To Replace?

Sometimes, it is hard to decide whether the case you're having should warrant a total replacement or just a simple repair. Unless it is something that needs a new device, such as corrosion, it can be tricky for you and your pocket.

The first sign to look at before deciding is the age of your system. If your device has been there for a while (and had little to no maintenance service), the problems you are facing will probably cost you more because of its major issues. Instead of trying to fix a big issue, it is better to decide to get a new sprinkler system and do consistent maintenance this time around.

Second, look for corrosion. It can depend on what type of system you have. If you are using a dry sprinkler system, chances are the corrosion damage is faster and more prominent due to oxygen exposure. It can also occur in big areas, randomly. This warrants a replacement.

However, if you are using the wet system, there is significantly less oxygen, which means corrosion will appear in localized areas and less severity and number.

Lastly, it is important to get a hold of the past services done for the building. Seeing the services availed before, you can eventually track a pattern and know why a particular problem is occurring repeatedly. It might be because a temporary fix is always done to an otherwise large issue that needs a system replacement. You might not notice it if you look too closely at the present problem, but by comparing them to other problems in the past, you can easily conclude there is a bigger occurrence going on.


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