Sleep And Travel: 8 Tips for Better Sleep While Travelling

October 21, 2021


When you are on a trip, sleep is a regular biological activity and a crucial factor in deciding the fun quotient of the tour. If you lack sufficient sleep on your journey, there is a high chance that you will keep yawning throughout the trip instead of enjoying the adventures. In this article, we share eight pro tips for better sleep on your next trip so that you can have more fun out there.

Focus On Your Food

Whether you are taking a flight or a long train journey, what food you consume has a massive effect on your ability to sleep. If you eat heavy meals just before beginning your trip, it may weigh heavily on your body and make it difficult to sleep. Similarly, eating too spicy, too hot, or too exciting foot just before or after beginning the journey may be detrimental to your sleep.

Therefore, try to eat a light and decent-sized meal that will last you a three-hour-long journey. Try foods like malted milk, kiwi, nuts, and rice that help induce sleep. Besides consuming a balanced diet, you can also try products for better sleep.

Avoid Red-Eye Flights


Red-eye flight is a code word for the flights departing late at night (generally after 9 pm) and reaching the destination in the early morning hours (between 5 and 6 am). Being on a red-eye flight means being mid-air during your regular sleeping hours. The phrase ‘red eye’ refers to the irritating reddish eyes the passengers get due to lack of proper sleep on the flight.

Sometimes, some international flights are scheduled during midnight hours, and you do not have the option to skip such flights. Some people choose these flights because they tend to be a bit cheaper. However, unless you genuinely have a compulsion to board a red-eye flight, avoid them at all cost. They hamper your sleep schedule and also make it difficult for you to get accommodations in late-night hours.

Modify Your Sleep Habit

Your sleeping pattern will take a hit when you are in transit and when you reach the destination. Therefore, it is wise to change your sleeping habits in tune with the new timezone even before setting out on the journey. This can include changing your nap time, modifying sleep durations, or splitting your sleep into two halves. If you are not accustomed to daytime naps, stay away from irregular naps on your trip to have a deep sleep in the nighttime.

Stay Hydrated


If you move from the plains to a high-altitude area, your skin and body will likely get dehydrated. Therefore, boost your water intake from two days before your departure to get yourself habituated to it. During your flight or train journey, do not depend on the liquid-serving carts for fulfilling your hydration needs. Carry a large bottle of water with you and keep on sipping at regular intervals throughout the journey. This practice will assist you in avoiding grogginess when you get off the flight.

Reduce Screen Time

Excessive screen time is directly associated with a severe sleep disorder, also known as insomnia. High digital screen usage halts melatonin release in the body, thereby pushing back your bedtime. When you are on the move, a delayed sleep triggered by your screen usage takes an increased toll on your body, as a tired body needs even more rest.

Restrict the use of mobiles, computers, and televisions from a few days before your journey, and continue this practice till the end of your journey. You can play soothing music to go to sleep, but that should not be too loud.

Stay Active


While it is true that we get tired and sleepy due to the physical toils during a tour, a sedate and inactive trip can also make it harder for you to sleep. Moreover, we often skip our regular exercise schedule on tour, adversely affecting our sleep cycles.

Experts recommend that travelers should stick to their fitness regime on tours to get deep and long sleep. Half an hour of yoga in the evening can also help make your body and mind relaxed, thereby making it easier for you to fall asleep. If your tour involves a lot of tiring adventures, increase your sleep duration by a couple of hours to make up for the extra fatigue.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Your body needs to be in a relaxed state to feel sleepy. Tight, irritable, or heavy clothing can make you uncomfortable and affect your rest. It is always the best option to drees for sleep when you have a flight around midnight. Also, remember to pack comfortable wear for the whole trip. Ask for a comfortable mattress, bed, and pillow at your booked accommodation, as they can significantly enhance your sleep.

Avoid Alcohol


Although it may feel hard to avoid alcohol on an adventurous trip, alcohol is associated with the symptoms of snoring, disrupted sleep patterns, and sleep apnea. For more information on sleep apnea and the treatment options available click here. Alcohol also influences your melatonin production that has a direct impact on your sleep quality. So, skipping the roadside bars will help you sleep better on tour.

Final Words

Whether you are traveling or not, sleep is a significant constituent of good health. The toils of a tour call for adequate rest, and the tips mentioned above will help you get the optimum amount of sleep.



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