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Things You Must Know Before Purchasing A Residential Polished Concrete Flooring


Concrete flooring is solid and durable as we all are aware of. If constructed and maintained correctly, it can last for the life of the house with astoundingly diverse design options. Concrete is quite stiff and cold underfoot, and it is only a feasible solution where there is already a concrete slab, such as in homes with slab-on-grade foundations.

What Is Concrete Flooring?

It is essentially the concrete slab beneath your carpet, tile, wood, or other floorings in its most basic form. The process of uncovering and completing that surface with stains, polishing, epoxy, or different ornamental finishes is what distinguishes it as a flooring option worthy of display. This type of flooring has become one of the most popular choices for homeowners. A good, polished flooring made of concrete is not only strong but also looks aesthetically pleasing.

Which Areas Are Most Suitable For Its Installation?

 A residential polished concrete flooring can be laid both inside and outside the home. Because of its strong resistance to weather effects is ideal for outdoor areas such as the terrace, patio, and driveway. Not just residential only, it is used and for Polished concrete flooring. And it is perfect for high-traffic business buildings, warehouses, and basements, among other places. There is no restriction as to where you want the concrete floors to be laid. It remains unharmed even after suffering from weather changes.


How Is Polished Concrete Flooring Installed?

  • The surface of the existing floor is cleaned to remove dust and debris. On the base floor, a reinforcing mesh is installed to limit the possibility of concrete cracking. After that, a mixture of aggregate, cement, water, and optional colour additives is mixed and poured onto the reinforcing mesh for residential polished concrete flooring.
  • After the concrete has been poured, the next thing is, it is levelled. Enough time should be allowed for the curing and setting of concrete. It should be noted that concrete will require at least 14–28 days to reach maximum hardness before being polished.
  • After the concrete has been set, heavy-duty machinery is used to polish the surface to obtain the required smoothness and brightness, ranging from satin to high gloss. This is a process that takes time and need precision.
  • Finally, the surface should be sealed with a penetrating sealer to protect the flooring from stains and spills. Thus, residential polished concrete flooring is finished and you can relax

Design In Concrete Flooring

residential polished concrete flooring comes up with various optional of design and why not we are in the modern era, and architecting is at its best.

  1. Overlay: A thin coating of new concrete is poured over an existing slab to revitalize it. The overlay is then polished and colored in the same way as a new slab.
  2. Polish: A basic poured slab or overlay can be honed with increasingly more delicate abrasive pads to achieve a glass-smooth finish. After that, a sealer is applied, resulting in a radiant floor.
  3. Acid-stained concrete: When exposed to weak acids, concrete reacts to generate a colourful mottled surface with a marble-like look.
  4. Dyed: Another way of colouring concrete, dyeing, involves applying a solid colorizing chemical to the completed surface. Dyeing, as opposed to acid staining, produces a definite colour effect.
  5. Textured: To impart three-dimensional texture to wet concrete, it can be brushed, stamped, or implanted with glass beads or fine aggregate.
  6. Geometric divisions: For artistic effect, it is one of the most creative design, high-end concrete floors are occasionally laid out with geometric designs. Then each segment is being colored or texturized differently.
  7. Stencilled or airbrushed: Concrete floors can be stencilled or painted to act as enormous canvases for various artistic painting techniques.

So far, we have seen residential polished concrete flooring definition, how it is made, installation process, and design. Of course, flooring is a significant thing in the construction of any home, and quality is so important. Before booking for concrete flooring, you must look at each point and decide according to your requirement.


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