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Things You Should Know About End of Lease Cleaning

When you’re living as a tenant in Australia, end of lease cleaning is an experience that you’ll go through at some point.

It’s a mandatory cleaning process that anyone renting a property in Australia must do before moving out of the rental. But here’s the most important bit — if this cleaning is not done satisfactorily well, your landlord could legally hold back a portion of your deposit money. This is why it must be done with care.

Before you start the sprucing up, here are few things to take note of.

1. Start from Above

Usually, one tends to start with cleaning the floor or tables as these are closer at hand. But, it’s not the best idea. You see, some amount of dust or dirt is sure to fall down while you’re cleaning the ceiling fans, lights, and walls later, no matter how hard you try.

So, if you first clean the bottom and then move upwards, you’re going to end up having to clean twice. Therefore, the right procedure is to begin from above and then go on to the cupboards, shelves, tables and finally to the carpet. This will not only save you time but also ensure that you don’t miss cleaning any part of the room.

2. Empty Rooms Are Easier to Clean

If you try cleaning a room full of heavy furniture, it’s pretty obvious that you will miss out on some hard-to-reach places. So, prior to starting your cleaning spree, it’s best to pack up all your furniture and personal stuff and move them away from the property.

In this way, you can do a thorough cleaning of every part of the room without being restricted by any obstacle.

3. Sanitize the Bathroom Well

You need to pay extra attention when cleaning the bathroom as it’s one of the favourite places for bacteria to thrive. Make sure you clean every inch of the floor, tub, washbasin, and toilet with disinfectant. Don’t forget the mirrors too.

Also, look out for any stains or soap residue on the walls and flooring. Make sure you use good-quality cleaners to leave the bathroom clean and hygienic for the next tenants.

4. Don’t Neglect the Doors and Windows

Door tracks and window frames are among the most neglected areas when it comes to the end of lease cleaning. But unless you clean them regularly, these places can easily get a thick layer of dust or grime on them.

The best idea is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the loose dust from the frames. You can then use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the remaining dirt. In case of stubborn stains, you may also need to give it a good scrub using a cleaning liquid.

With proper planning, it’s not too difficult to clean your rental property well enough to satisfy the landlord. But if you feel you’re not up to the task, you can always reach out to one of Sydney’s experts in end of lease cleaning to ensure a professional job.

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