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Home Architecture Tools for Water Damage Restoration

Tools for Water Damage Restoration


Water damage is surprisingly frequent in homes. A tiny crack might allow a large amount of water to enter your property. Indeed, according to Insurance Industry Research numbers, a 1/8-inch crack in a pipe can leak 250 gallons of water every day. This much water would almost certainly do a lot of damage; therefore, the restoration costs would nearly certainly be in the thousands of dollars.

Moisture meters 

Moisture meters are the water damage restoration Smyrna tools that aid in determining the amount of a home’s water damage. They’re water damage restoration tools that monitor moisture levels inside residences during water extraction projects.

Moisture meters provide information that helps contractors make more informed judgments regarding how much work has to be done and how much the job will cost in total. It also gives them a better understanding of how to prevent mould growth when their services are finished.


Dryer is a classic piece of water damage restoration Marietta equipment used to remove water once a project has been completed. The drying out of water-damaged homes is an essential aspect of the water damage restoration procedure.

Dryers are big dehumidifiers that employ an exhaust duct system to remove moisture from the air in a room or area and filter it via water damage restoration equipment like desiccant dehumidifiers, which absorb excess humidity with silica gel beads. This ensures that mould does not form during water clean-up projects.

Vacuum Cleaners 

Water damage restoration Smyrna vacuum cleaners extract liquid water from the damaged region during water damage restoration procedures. Vacuum cleaners collect standing water and carry it through a hose attached to water damage restoration equipment, preventing it from re-releasing into the environment.

Vacuum cleaners are essential to water removal instruments for any water damage repair company since they reduce drying time by removing surplus liquid faster than buckets or mops could.

Air Scrubber 

Water damage restoration Marietta technologies such as air scrubbers remove water, water vapor, and odours from the area being dried after a flood or leak. Water is drawn into an internal fan, which then blows it down through water damage restoration equipment, condensing on cool surfaces inside the device, leaving clean air for your employees and customers.

When you need to avoid mould growth during water damage restoration projects due to excess moisture left after drying with fans alone, use an air scrubber because they provide this benefit while also removing all contaminants such as smoke and other doors embedded in drywall and additional water damaged areas.

This air scrubber will remove any excess moisture left in these structures, leading to mould growth if not dried adequately with a dehumidifier. Make sure everything is dehydrated before putting it back together.

Axial Air Movers 

Because they move air quickly and allow you to dry water-damaged structures faster, axial air movers are a must-have tool for water damage restoration professionals. Furthermore, suppose floods or an overflowing sink causes water damage. In that case, this will cut drying time in these areas in half because it pushes water away far more efficiently than a fan alone by removing extra moisture at the source.

This can lead to more minor repairs being required after Water damage restoration Smyrna, saving you money in the long run while also making your job easier because mould will not grow due to protracted periods of high humidity left behind when utilizing fans alone.


Nothing can stop you from launching your business now that you know what essential equipment of Water damage restoration Marietta you’ll need. There are numerous air movers, scrubbers, and dehumidifiers available, so begin researching them as soon as possible. After you’ve purchased all of the essential equipment, you can finally focus on the other stages required to launch your firm! If you want to know more, contact Tidal Wave Response.


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