Travel 2021: An Evolution to a Self-reliant Travel

October 11, 2021

Many of us might have been frustrated in the last year and a half as Covid wiped off our much-awaited travel plans. With the pandemic wreaking havoc in all major tourist destinations, one is left to wonder if there is any future to traveling. This article will remove your travel concerns and expose you to the silver lining of traveling in the future. Traveling in 2021 is not only going to be fun but also self-reliant on many fronts. So here is a list of the top five reasons traveling in 2021 has evolved into a self-sufficient experience.

1. Workcation:

Pandemic has forced many workplaces to enable employees to work from home for the foreseeable future. As a result, the line between work and life is blurring. We are now more used to juggling multiple activities and work, which has unfortunately added stress. So how about if we bust that stress with a workcation (work + vacation). A BBC article talks about how combining work with a vacation can boost your creativity, help you to solve complex business problems, and achieve clarity in thought. With greater clarity comes greater self-awareness, and hence you become more confident about traveling independently in the future, bringing your work to a new location. Activities like swimming, spa, or attending a team meeting from a beachside villa can help in reducing burnouts. Most homestays also have free wifi which makes remote work seamless.

2. Homely stays and Local Experiences:

According to a recent report, domestic travel or staycations have increased by more than 50% post-pandemic, with travelers preferring to stay in rental homes or Airbnb instead of checking into a hotel. Also, travelers are focusing more on stays at exotic locations rather than going out to do sightseeing. As a result, many travelers become self-reliant by buying their groceries from local neighborhoods, cooking their food, and trying out the local recipes.

Also, staycation allows travelers to follow their habits instead of being restricted to the rules of a hotel. For example, if you are traveling to a country that treats vaping as legal, you can carry your vape kit with vape pen battery 900mah and enjoy a Sunkissed afternoon vaping nicotine at your rental home. Other positive aspects of staycationing include meeting the locals and understanding their cultures better, which helps to build you as a confident traveler and pushes you to arrange for essential items yourself.

3. Hygiene focus:

Covid has taught us to be sanitation and hygiene conscious. As a result, most travelers now carry home-cooked meals, water bottles, and napkins. In airports, it is common to find that travelers wear protective gear resembling spacesuits instead of holiday wear. All of these hygiene-focused steps make the traveler more responsible and self-reliant. It has introduced a habit of self-reliance amongst travelers. According to a news article, many tourist homestays also offer virtual hyperlocal tours of their local heritage so that travelers can stay quarantined in their homestays and still enjoy the tour by a local guide broadcasted on zoom. Some places even posted masterclass cooking or music sessions. These hygiene-conscious initiatives mean less itinerary preparation or planning required from the traveler's end and ensure a learning experience, making them more independent.

4. Slow Travel:

A CNBC article brings an interesting point on slow travel. Post-Covid, most travelers avoid going too far geographically through flights. They prefer long road trips to flights for safety which makes travel in 2021 slow. Also, travel insurance has gained momentum to protect travelers from any mishappening due to Covid hospitalization or last-minute cancellations. Travel in 2021 is more relaxed and has less to do with packed itineraries. Forget the week-long Eurotrip hopping from one country to another, but rather enjoy week-long camping and hiking in the mountains by speaking to your travel advisor. The slow nature of travel gives travelers more time to breathe and think, making them more confident and self-reliant for the trip.

5. Digital Transactions:

According to a news report, a large part of travel in 2021 has gone digital, with most online or mobile transactions. Many tourist spots accept online ticket booking, and travelers can get insights about safety, likeability, and do's and don'ts at a destination by reading online reviews. As a result of better information available, there has been a surge in solo-women travelers. Most places have switched to digital wallet transactions helping you to carry less cash or cards, thus, increasing travel safety and adding to self-reliance. Moreover, automatic processing of boarding passes and baggage check-in reduced hassles like long waiting queues at airports. Even hotels implemented automated check-in of guests.


To summarize, from workcations, staycations, slow travel, hygiene-focus to digitization, travel in 2021 has evolved for the better. Travelers have fewer hassles to take, can ensure more safety, relax better, and become self-sufficient. We hope this article will make your travel in 2021 more memorable, and don't forget to share your memories with us.


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