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Travel Guest Posting: Guidelines Write For Us

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Travel Guest Posting on blogs and social media has become the latest trend for travel companies, hotels, airlines, restaurants and many more related industries. Travelling is a huge part of what we do at Urban Splatter and we would love for your content to be published for our readers! We have a huge amount of travel posts that get thousands of organic traffic monthly. Are you ready to submit your travel guest post?

How Do I Contact Urban Splatter?

Contact us for Guest Posting:

Furthermore, we cater very largely to the hotel industry. Also, we love posting reviews for restaurants and famous architecturally significant monuments and buildings. Travel is an integral part of architecture. I highly recommend being part of Urban Splatter’s guest posts as we ensure that they get the exposure and traffic that brings your business to the next level.

Why Publish my Travel Guest Posting on Urban?

We have many returning authors when it comes to guest posting which in and of itself shows the quality of our traffic. Furthermore, our domain authority is above 40 which will boost yours by having a backlink on our site.

Why Guest Post?

Firstly, guest posting allows for your business or client (if you are a 3rd party digital marketing agency) to be exposed to people browsing the internet, its that simple! Secondly, travel is extremely hot right now as restrictions are lessening so this is even more important as the competition is fiercer than ever.

Additionally, we specialize in helping everyone travel from celebrities to the average Joe. Also publishing on Urban Splatter will definitely help your business. Lastly, we offer the cheapest guest posting. Our competitors do not have the outstanding website statistics that we do! Our digital content is booming right now. The current guest post price is very cheap so hurry before we have to increase it! We love to post good and real content. This is key to our success.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about travel guest posting on Urban Splatter. Furthermore, please leave your thoughts and comments below. Finally, read some other articles like this one on our frontpage.

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What is your affiliation to travel? Do you run an Airbnb, hotel or restaurant? Let us know below! I became interested in blogging about travel after my study abroad in Hamburg Germany. I have no regrets as this has opened my view on life in general!


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