Using Co-Working Spaces to Enhance Your Digital Nomad Experience

October 19, 2021

Announcement: Adopting a digital nomad lifestyle may be somewhat difficult if you lack the equipment or have issues with connectivity. Renting co-working spaces can greatly improve your overall work quality while addressing the technical problems.

Being a digital nomad sounds like a dream: you live in any place you like, work online only as much as you want, earn good money, and travel the world. As great as it sounds, the truth is different, at least at the beginning. You have to put a lot of hard graft into building your reputation and to perfect your communication skills and discipline. Thankfully, there are ways to help yourself, and one of them is using co-working spaces in the place where you are currently in. For, let's be honest, a beach or a noisy park is hardly a workspace.

Ups and Downs of Being a Digital Nomad

In a nutshell, a digital nomad is a person who is self-employed, works online and constantly travels the world. One activity supports another: if you travel a lot but work for a company, you are not a digital nomad. Working for yourself is a cornerstone of a nomadic lifestyle. This means, in turn, that you normally rely on yourself for provision of any piece of technology and equipment you need for work. You have to ensure that you own the up-to-date laptops and smartphones that allow you to deliver a high-quality service to your client. However, they may be costly and occupy a lot of space, while constant roaming from place to place suggests limited luggage.

Here are the positives of being a digital nomad:

Work any time anywhere.

In the digital nomad world, it is the nomads who decide when and where they want to work. This does not mean they can disrespect deadlines. This simply means that they can explore the city in the day and do their work at night. Or raise up later in the morning, if it suits them. Being one's own employer is what initially attracts people in a nomadic lifestyle.

Enjoy life

Another reason some people leave permanent jobs and settle into being nomads is the opportunity to see the world while doing a meaningful job. There are those who prefer to abandon 9-to-5 schedules as long as they can make a difference.

Economic advantages

Working for yourself often means you can set your own tariffs for your services. The more skilled you are, the higher are your rates. Besides, a lot of digital nomads settle in rather cheap countries with attractive fiscal regimes where they can enjoy more for less.

However, there are some downsides to this nomadic lifestyle:

Unpredictable life

There are those who thrive on sudden changes in life, but most of us prefer some structure and permanency. Being a digital nomad means self-employment that entails finding – and retaining – the clients, which may be difficult for those who lack social skills. Another aspect that often wreaks havoc is connectivity. A good Wi-Fi is a must for the digital nomad, and it may be hard to find it.

Hard work

Most digital nomads don't bask in the sun – they slave in their rooms, at least when they only just embark on their path. Working for yourself requires a lot of discipline, responsibility, self-reliance, and good communication skills. Office work rarely teaches these.

Change in environment

Being self-employed and searching for your own clients involves a lot of networking, both online and offline. You have to constantly be in touch with a lot of people, which may be challenging. On the other hand, you may feel homesick away from your family and friends.

Co-Working Spaces: A Cost-Effective Solution

While some of the downsides of a digital nomad's lifestyle you cannot change, there is a great solution to most technical and networking problems. Co-working spaces are now available in practically every big city in the world. If you are presently in the UAE, check out co-working spaces in Dubai, for example.

A co-working space is usually a large office that does not belong to any particular company but is used by many self-employed professionals and small business owners. For a small rental price you get a desk and a comfy chair, coffee-making facilities, and, most importantly, all the necessary equipment, from computers to printers. Depending on how advanced a co-working space is there may be facilities for teleconferences and offline meetings.

Benefits of Using a Co-working Space

Do not be fooled into thinking that digital nomads work in the comfort of their homes. Many of them rent a co-working space to ensure a good Wi-Fi and avoid distractions. There are other benefits, too:

  • networking opportunities;
  • flexible pricing;
  • better environment for business growth;
  • acquiring and perfecting the skills;
  • professional high-end equipment;
  • a personal space combined with professional engagement.

In effect, coming to a co-working space every day means meeting new people, discovering business opportunities, entering into collaborations, and improving the overall quality of your services. Working alongside like-minded and focused people can bring astonishing results.


If you are currently travelling and working or only just thinking about adopting the lifestyle of a digital nomad, one aspect that may be especially concerning is how to ensure your own productivity and efficiency. Using co-working spaces is an excellent solution to your business needs. Whichever country you are in now, inquire about co-working space rentals and take your digital nomad's experience to a new level!


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