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When is the Best Time to See Tigers in India?

India is a magnificent land full of amazing tourism spots for all kinds of tourism lovers. It includes the geographically beautiful landscapes, the artificially created marvels, the lusciously thick forests, and the sky touching miraculous mountain ranges.

These and so many more attractions in India are the reason flocks of tourists visit India again and again and the numbers keep rising every year. Of all the kinds of tourists and tourism in India, wildlife adventurers are the most in number.

Jungle Safaris including the tiger safari, elephant safari, bird watching, and wildlife photography are the most important attractions. Many foreigners from many different countries visit India because of its rich and varied forests, landscapes, abundant flora, and the vivacious fauna present in India’s jungles.

Jungle Adventures in India

India has so many forests and jungles that one can hardly keep a count. The entire country is broken up with small patches of jungles everywhere and thick and deep forests are present in almost all states of India. The Northeast and Central India are covered with thick and unexplored forests which make a perfect habitat for beautiful fauna in the country.

India is most famous for its tiger spotting and elephant spotting activities which take place during tiger safari and elephant safari. These trips are planned by the forest department in association with the tourism department that controls each individual National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary so as to keep the trips safe as well as most informative thanks to the local guides.

India being a seasonal tropical country that lies close to the oceans, has a very predictable climate all through the year. The summers range longer and are spread across March to July, which is followed by monsoon and then a short span of winter.

Winters are harsher in the North and Northeast due to the proximity of the Himalayas but are still limited to a bare 3 to 4 months every year from November to February, no thanks to rising temperatures everywhere.

These seasons and climatic conditions affect tourism as well since most tourists prefer to visit the country based on seasonal preferences that are planned around specific activities, especially when it comes to wildlife.

Best Time for Tiger Spotting

For tiger lovers and enthusiasts, finding the best national parks and the best seasons to spot tigers is the key to a successful wildlife adventure in India. For a guaranteed tiger spotting adventure, one must choose the best national park with the most number of tigers and the best season when the tigers can be seen prowling around in the forest.

Tigers are very active but they are also quite nocturnal, which means much of their hunting is also during the night. They are still very prominent when it comes to mid-morning walks, inspecting the watering holes, and just generally being very quiet and observant in their own territories.

Their nature is very calm, calculative, and composed which makes them blend in the forest and harder to spot. Tigers are best spotted in India between the tiger watching seasons when they are most active and preying in the forest, which is between April and June.

During summers, tigers prefer to come out in the open and look for small prey. They also need to stay cooler and are more easily located near watering holes such as lakes and rivers, making them easier to spot.


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