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Why You Should Consider a Room Heater this Winters?

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With winters arriving quickly, everyone is looking for ways to remain warm and comfortable. Winters across the world have become increasingly colder in the past few years, thanks to climate change. No matter where we live, in cities or closer to nature, winters can be a bitter reality.

In India, most households still don’t have a universal heating system. This means that water dispensed from taps is generally very cold and homes on their own can get very cold. In fact, homes can get colder than the outside environment as there is no way to keep them warm. Hence coming from a long day involves entering a cold hour and washing your hands with cold water. As you can imagine, it is uncomfortable and chilly to do so!

While tucked into blankets and wearing layers upon layers of clothes, one requires another essential to keep them warm – the perfect room heater. This is a great plus when your hands are freezing and you need a way to instantly heat them up. A pro-tip for warming up cold feet is letting socks get warmed up near a heater and putting them on.

What are the different types of heaters available?

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  1. Personal-sized room heater: These heaters are best suited for those looking to keep their desks warm at work or having a small gadget they can carry around easily. They’re less powerful than most heaters thanks to their size but they will keep your hands warm while working.
  2. Small-sized room heater: These are slightly bigger than the personal-sized heater and they are excellent if you’re looking for a heater just for yourself. They can also heat a room, albeit rather slowly and after long use. The best use of these is for people who need a heater for personal use to keep them warm in a small room. Small-sized heaters are also portable in nature.
  3. Large-sized room heater: As the name suggests, large room heaters are big in size. They are not portable and in general, need to be installed in a chosen spot in the room. The biggest advantage of these heaters is their ability to heat up entire rooms quickly. It only takes about 15 minutes to heat up an entire room for the best room heater in India market for this winter.
  4. Oil-based room heater: Different from the electric heaters mentioned previously, these heaters are filled with oil. This oil is slowly heated using the energy provided by electricity and its warmth is maintained at a certain temperature. These are non-portable and must also be positioned in some part of the room. Oil-based heaters’ biggest advantage is their ability to keep the room warm for long periods of time.

What to consider when buying a heater?

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As seen above, heaters are available in various forms. This can make it a little confusing when you’re wondering which one to buy. Below are mentioned some aspects of heaters you should keep in mind when you’re planning to invest in a new heater-

  1. Size: When considering any gadget for regular use, it is essential to compare it to the size of the area you wish to place it in. For example, if you’re looking for a heater that simply keeps your hands warm as you work, personal-sized heaters can be your go-to.
  2. Portability: This is another aspect to consider carefully when buying a heater. Especially if you’re looking to buy bigger heaters, consider how easily you will be able to move them across your room to suit your needs. Also important to remember, that winters only last a few months, which means you will need to store the heater away until next winter. Keep in mind how much effort you wish to put into moving your heater to storage and back every few months.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Using your heater for a long period of time can be harsh on your pocket if you don’t pick one that is energy efficient. Apart from being energy efficient on their own, heaters can come with other features, such as a timer, that can help ensure that your usage of the device is not only optimum but also pocket-friendly.
  4. Heating Capacity: How hot your heater can get depends on various factors. The make and size are most important in this aspect. Also, keep in mind the size of the space you’re intending to keep your heater in. For larger rooms, a powerful heater may be required, while smaller rooms are better suited to lesser heating. Heating capacity is an essential part of whether or not the heater is suitable for you, so be thorough when you research this aspect.
  5. Safety Features: Heaters, as a matter of factly, are machines that emit heat. If they are not built sturdily they can pose a threat to your health. Look for heaters that come with an auto-cut feature for when they overheat. They should also have a body that remains cool no matter how much the coils heat up.
  6. Light Levels: Some heaters can be very bright. If you require a heater you can use to nap near, such heaters can pose a problem. Additionally, for people sensitive to light, bright heaters can be an issue. Hence, keep the brightness in mind when investing in a heater.
  7. Timer: Heaters that come with timers make life a lot easier for users. You can easily set up a time at which they will shut off. This feature is notably great for nighttime. Having your heater on while you’re falling asleep and it switching off by the time you are asleep works as a good safety measure as well.

The above-mentioned factors are only a few, albeit significant, aspects to consider when you’re buying a heater. Remember to thoroughly research each aspect well and invest in a heater that will keep you warm and cozy exactly the way you want it to.


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