10 Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Roof

November 25, 2021



A roof is a crucial part of any building’s structure. It protects the building and its inhabitants from rain, solar radiation, snow, and other natural hazards. However, natural hazards and other factors can cause considerable damage to roofs. Routine commercial roof maintenance will assist in solving any common issues that can harm the building. Being aware of possible problems and simultaneously fixing them will increase the lifetime of the roof.

Usually, commercial building owners are short on time because of their busy schedules and neglect roof maintenance. The delay in care causes massive damage, which may become irreversible without adequate measures. In the end, a minor repair turns into an expensive replacement. Most people will inspect the rooftop only when there is a dire need to repair the roof.

There are multiple ways to make sure a roof is well-maintained. These include silicone and acrylic insulation since it’s easy to use, durable and inexpensive. In addition, you can adequately seal the entire roof with these coatings, including any cracks.


You should conduct monthly inspections regularly. Hire a professional to inspect your roof twice a year, at least to make sure everything is in place. Make a list of things your commercial flat roof requires while checking the top, write down the materials needed to repair, or contact your contractor for assistance. Usually, cracks and leaks require weekly or, in some cases, daily inspections in rainy seasons and where the roof carries a heavy load. Especially before winter, inspect your roof to prevent issues due to excessive snow.


Prepare a journal and write down a list of the required materials with details like cost, area per square meter, warranty to create a maintenance plan, understanding the right time to repair the roof. You can extend your roof's lifespan by identifying the problematic areas early on and maintaining them to avoid replacement expenses later.

Avoid heavy load

Commercial rooftops are built strong with materials that ensure high durability, but that does not mean they are indestructible. Putting extra load on the roof can cause cracks and decrease the roof's lifespan. Heavy pedestrian and machinery traffic weakens the durability of the roof. The use of walking pads can prevent severe damage.

Roof Cleaning

Cleaning is essential to prevent strain breakdown. In windy areas, debris from the surrounding often accumulates on the roof. Piles of rotting leaves can become a considerable problem when they mix with water, leading to mold formation. Mold or rot are significant contributors to leaks or holes in a roof. Regularly cleaning the roof can prevent buckling on it and ensure no extra weight is exerted.

Checking after Storms

Windy storms or heavy snow harms your commercial roof if it goes unchecked. Extreme wind conditions can affect the strength of a roof, as continuous wind weakens the roof's materials such as wood or plastic sheets. If you do not remove snow from the top, the roof may collapse due to its weight. It is better to use thick steel or wood in roof construction because of its high durability. Inspect the top after the storm or contact a professional roof repairer to ensure there are no signs of wear and tear.

Standing water and Drains

Standing water, especially after rain, needs to be dealt with immediately as it causes cracks on the roof, especially cement roofs. Debris in water blocks the roof’s drainage. Increasing the diameter of the pipe will make water flow easily. Constructing a slightly tilted roof can prevent water from gathering all over the roof. If clogged gutters go unchecked, it can cause cracks. Fix the problem early and create a drainage solution to prevent leaks across the rooftop.

Overhanging Tree branches

Overhanging tree branches harm the roof because of the falling branches. The best way is to trim trees surrounding the roof regularly. It will not only prevent roof damage but will also keep the rooftop clean. Furthermore, sun blockage can cause algae accumulation, which you can prevent by ensuring your trees don’t overgrow.

Update roof materials

Always keep a check on the equipment on the rooftop. Equipment causing trouble can cause various issues to your commercial roof's life. For example, you will want to avoid unsealed vents, faulty wiring and air conditioner leaks to ensure a strong rooftop.

High-Quality Materials

The use of high-quality material ensures the extensive lifespan and resilience of the roof. You become satisfied with the repairs and proper techniques when you hire a professional.

Timely Inspections

You are not always present at the location. You will need a professional with adequate experience in roof repairing to check for any damages. Experienced people know what to do and have the right skills to repair or maintain roofs. An expert roofing company like Clark Roofing & Siding, Inc. can evaluate the extent of damage and can provide a detailed report.  They can give you an accurate description of how your roof is looking and help you create a plan for any prevailing problems. A monthly inspection will help resolve issues quickly.


Every commercial building owner knows how vital building maintenance is for the safety of people working there.  Always contact a certified and well-equipped person with proper training because roof repairing is not a joke. If a roof collapses, the entire building is endangered, and so are the people who live or work there. The smartest move is to keep a regular check on your building’s roof and hire professionals as soon as there are signs of significant damage.



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