5 Home Decoration Tips For Kid’s Birthday Party

November 6, 2021

Everyone looks forward to their birthdays, and when it comes to kids, you can’t miss the anticipation in their eyes. Planning a party for kids may need you to take care of an array of things. The to-do list can appear extensive, from organizing the food to the party decor and the return gifts. The best way to enjoy it all is to invest time in home decoration along with your kids rather than hiring an event planner. And of course, it is going to be cost-effective too!

Kids love themed birthday parties, and this can make deciding the theme easier. You can pick the choicest theme of your kid, maybe a favourite cartoon character, a superhero, and so on. Make sure the theme you choose features a palette of colours and make some adorable decorations.

Along with a great theme, you need to lay down a good lighting arrangement and music system to set the mood. Here are handy tips that can instantly perk up the party.

  1. Doll up the party venue with lights

Bright lumens can set the fun tone at the party and leave a lasting impression on your little guests. Simple and easy to install, LED strip lights can add natural luminosity to the entire decor. One of the best things about these lights is that they can adorn your space indoors and outdoors near the party entrance. You need not always party inside the house, and instead, you can shift your arrangements to the backyard or porch area to enjoy the lively vibe of nature and weather.


LED strip lights are engineered to blend with any given surroundings seamlessly. Crafted in strips, these don’t interfere with the existing decor of your space. Moreover, you can pick the high-quality, waterproof strip lights that can be used in your open outdoor space.

LED strips also curb the menace of heavy wiring. Electrical wires can often lead to tripping, and with bustling kids, you may need to be extra cautious. These low working voltage lights are safe and can be widely used around the house and garden. You can decide on the number of LED beads based on the pattern and the required brightness. Built into self-adhesive backs, these are very convenient to put around.

LED strips consume less power and also don’t dissipate high heat. These lights make perfect decorative strips for birthdays and festivals. Made to dissipate soft lighting, these can be used creatively to illuminate the area.

2. Create an enticing backdrop with readily available materials

Attractive wall decks will turn heads! Kids love themed birthday parties! Also, kids love creativity, and what is better than enlivening the surrounding space where they party. You can put up fun posters aligned to the theme in the main party area.

A selfie point can make a memorable party area, and you can let your imagination run wild on it. You can also make a photo backdrop that reveals the birthday boy/girl’s milestones through the years. Use some fun props and play with lights and texture to elevate the party to the next level.

From exhibiting theme-based character cutouts to decorating the backdrop with hats, pinwheels, balloons, sunglasses, hats, or vibrant pinwheels, thoughtful backdrops can add the perfect layer of colour and dimension.

You can also add a touch of natural vibe to the backdrop by decking it up with palm greens or other recycled art materials. Pompoms on a string, tassels, paper fans, fairly lights are enticing ways to spruce up the walls and background. Drape them as garlands or simply hang them to pump up the space.

3. Layout a modest centrepiece 

Centrepieces are some of the most appealing decorations that can dress up your child’s birthday party decor. Add eye-catching centrepieces to the table. These can befit any kind of party theme and can be personalized at an affordable cost.

Flowers make an evergreen option for your kid’s birthday decor. Since real flowers are perishable and may cost you a bit, you can opt for paper lanterns as centrepieces.

Available at local craft stores, you can also pick lights bejewelled with LED strips for that extra shimmer. Mason jars filled with candies, ornamented with candles, or even confetti make cute additions to the party decor.

4. Try simple cake decorations

Who doesn’t like a birthday cake? And your birthday celebrations look incomplete without a scrumptious birthday cake. It is the main show of your kid’s birthday party. But what makes a cake increasingly appealing to kids is its design and presentation. Also, your cake can add to the exquisiteness of your party decor.

Whether you order a designer cake from a famous bakery or bake one at home for your little one, you got to have it awesome. The design, pattern, colours, and flavours of a simple cake or a tiered cake all go a long way in adding that sparkling twinkle to your little one’s eyes.

Adding a unique party candle or placing the cake on an exclusive cake table complementing the party’s theme can promise grandeur. You can go bizarre on cake table ideas. You can set the cake on a glass stand, a plastic stand, or a curated stand in vivid colours.

5. Create a float scape with balloons 

A balloon for a birthday can brighten up the room with the colors or themes that you want, and they are a great way to decorate your party. You do not need to spend a lot of money on fancy decorations if you use balloons as one of your party pieces. Take time to search for the best balloons online and make them an ideal choice for your party.

You can get the hallway, lawn, or your chosen party space filled with tons of plain or confetti-filled balloons. Pair the balloons with some vibrantly coloured streamers to hone that dazzling look. You can look up options on glitter balloons and complement them with LED strip lights to ring in a fairy tale look for your child’s birthday party.

Use these DIY decor ideas and add your creativity tips to ensure a befitting decor for your kids. These will surely make the occasion a lot more memorable when they check pictures year on year.


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