5 Interior Design Tips To Maximize Small Spaces

November 6, 2021

It may be challenging to cram everything you need into a tiny house or apartment. Trying to cram everything while maintaining an attractive appearance is even more challenging. Although, it is precisely what makes small-space design so enjoyable. Creating innovative solutions for these roadblocks makes the journey all the more gratifying in the end.

There is no reason to forego flair simply because you rent a studio apartment or want a more modest lifestyle. Here are some fantastic small space design ideas to get you started on creating your own tiny home.

1. Maximise The Available Floor Area

Smaller quarters accumulate clutter faster than larger dwellings. Along with regular cleaning and organising, one method to open up a tiny space is to increase the floor space. Consider furniture that requires less floor space such as wall sconces, floor and table lights, and floating shelves. Choose those over large bookshelves, wall-mounted cupboards, and huge nightstands.

Additionally, you can select tables with slim legs and couches with a shallow depth. Then, to create the illusion of more space spread a large colourful rug across the floor. If you want to save yourself from stressing over the right floor plan and home layout, professionals like Terrace Homes and others can help you pick out the right home design.

2. Utilise Smart Lighting To Liven Up Your Space

Natural light brightens and expands the interior of any room. If you have access to natural light, consider yourself fortunate. Utilise lighting fixtures to create some unique effects. You'll be amazed at the impact of this seemingly insignificant change.

If you have access to natural light, bringing it into your home through huge windows instantly connects the interior to the outdoors. Thus, expanding the available space. Increase the amount of light entering your home by using sheer window coverings or entirely retracting them. If the view is ordinary, you may place plants or flowers near the windows. Also, utilize lamps to lighten the space.

3. Create As Many Innovative Lines As Possible

Emphasize your space's breadth or height. Bear in mind that at least one of the two is essential. Horizontal lines emphasize a wall's length, while vertical lines emphasize the room's height. You can use lines in ways other than stripes such as wood panelling, bricks, and horizontal or vertical printed wallpaper.

Lines could also be used to make patterns on the ends of your furniture and soft furnishings. Curtains with a dense striped pattern can create the illusion of a larger window. In contrast, a dining table with a horizontally oriented wood pattern can create the illusion of a long table. These adjustments may give the illusion of greater space in a small area.

4. Design Multi-Use Rooms

Adapting your rooms is a simple method to add space to a small house. You may already be doing this unknowingly in several circumstances. With a bit of organising, you may quickly increase the amount of usable space in your home. By merging your laundry room and mudroom, you may have the best of both worlds. Organise shoes, coats, and outdoor gear while remaining within walking distance of a laundromat in a muddy emergency.

Combining your dining room table and kitchen space simplifies meal preparation. Consider purchasing a kitchen table with a board that expands or decreases the table's size. This may accommodate more guests and conserve the room when not in use.

Depending on the size of your extra bedroom, you can place a daybed or couch bed against one wall and a desk against the other. Don't let your guest bedroom collect dust while you await an overnight visitor. Rather, convert it into a habitable space by adding an office or a child's playroom.

5. Select The Appropriate Furniture And Storage

While preparing for a limited place, keep furniture as compact as possible. The space should be proportional to the size of the content. Consider the piece's utility when selecting furniture. Make your furniture as versatile as it can. Choose from storage ottomans and end tables or choose a built-in workstation with an accompanying storage cart. For example, in a small dining area, benches around a table give additional seating while taking up less floor space than individual seats.

Another alternative is to construct a visually engaging exhibit. Numerous baskets and decorative storage containers are available to help you organize your possessions. It also keeps them visible but not in an unsightly manner. Arrange these in groups to give a decorative element to the room.

Because storage space is sometimes limited in tiny areas, looking for inventive storage solutions is always a plus. Clutter affects the appearance of a room and quickly fills an insufficiently sized space. Utilize baskets beneath coffee tables or tuck them behind storage benches to conceal clutter.


Simply because space is compact doesn’t mean it is claustrophobic or inconvenient. Utilise the approaches outlined above to enlarge the appearance of your little place. No matter how little, make use of all available areas to create an environment that strikes a balance between relaxation and comfort with structure and movement.



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