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5 Ways To Engineer Your New Home With Epoxy Floors

Some people use ceramic tiles on their home floors while others have hardwood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, natural stone tiles, linoleum, or porcelain tiles. Another unique flooring option is the epoxy coating. This comprises a mixture of resin and a hardener, which is applied on concrete floors and allowed to cure. The result is a hard-to-wear decorative coating that transforms the interior looks for decades.

If you’re looking to have epoxy floors in your new home, here are five ways to go about it:

1. Metallic

You get metallic epoxy flooring by mixing metallic pigments into the epoxy resin. This way, you’re able to create a unique pattern that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. And that brings the much-desired feeling of satisfaction that comes with standing out from the crowd.

As long as you engage a reliable contractor with exceptional skills and experience in epoxy flooring such as the one found on this website, you’re sure to pull out a breathtaking look. The good thing is you can play with the pigments whichever way you want to come up with your preferred pattern.

Make a point of matching the pigment color to the rest of your interior decor. For instance, if your walls are made of wood, a mixture of light and dark brown pigments will be a perfect match.

2. Glitter

For your kid’s playroom or the dining room, you want to raise the occupants’ spirits by having a sparkling floor. You can achieve this by adding shiny metallic flakes to the epoxy resin and evenly applying the mixture to the floor. The flakes reflect any light coming into the room, making the floor appear as if it has numerous tiny pieces of mirror.

Make sure you choose the flakes’ sizes wisely. Smaller flakes are less reflective than larger ones. It all depends on the degree of glitter you desire for your rooms.

And once you install them, you have to maintain a regular cleaning procedure to ensure the glitter doesn’t fade away. Aside from your daily cleaning routine, you can also call professional cleaners for a thorough cleanup of your floors. Click here for a deeper insight into the services offered by one such professional cleaning company.

3. 2D Art

Aside from metallic pigments and flakes, there’s a lot more you can do with epoxy flooring. If the love for art runs in your blood, then don’t hesitate to imprint your favorite art piece on the floor.

Perhaps it’s the portrait of a music icon, a phenomenal natural scenery, or the painting of your favorite wild animal. Whatever thoughts you have, you can surely transfer the same onto the floor. Just speak with your floor contractor beforehand, and they should be able to meet your unique needs.

4. Illusions

You’ve certainly seen bathroom floors that look like a river bed, complete with marine plants, rocks, sand, and animals. That’s possible with 3D art technology. In the same way, you can have whatever natural scenery you like on your floors.

For your living room, you may want the floor to look like an ocean with whales, sharks, turtles, sea plants, and more. Alternatively, you can make it appear like it’s floating on the clouds with the Earth planet beneath it.

And if you’re more daring, you can create the illusion of a deep-water hole right in the middle of your living room or hallway. There’s no end to how much you can experiment with epoxy flooring and 3D art. The designs you choose will be a true reflection of your deep sense of style and fashion.

5. Functional Garage Floor

Aside from the creative designs you can achieve with epoxy flooring, don’t overlook its functional aspects. For instance, garage floors are prone to speedy wearing because of the heavy use. Your car tires can easily chip into a concrete finish, leaving the floor with unsightly holes and cracks.

Consequently, cleaning becomes challenging, and you may never like the look of the floor. Also, if you store other heavy equipment in the garage such as motorcycles, bicycles, and gym weights and stands, the risk of damaging your concrete floors gets even bigger.

What you can do is install high-quality neutral epoxy flooring for the garage. The several layers of materials ensure maximum durability. You’d want to pattern it mildly to conceal the inevitable black tire marks.


Epoxy floors are your go-to option if your main concern is having vibrant patterns and highly durable floors. You can install them in rooms with high foot traffic such as the living room, dining area, or hallway.

Also, your garage deserves an epoxy floor due to the heavy use by vehicles and other equipment. Wherever you intend to install them, ensure you work with the right contractors so the final finish can stand the test of time.

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