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6 Questions to Ask Before AC Repair or Replacement

Your AC isn’t cooling your space properly. So you called your nearby cooling professionals to check the condition of the air conditioner. After hours of HVAC diagnosis, the technician has given you two options – repair or replace the AC unit. If this is the case with your AC, this article is for you.

Replacing or repairing an air conditioner is a crucial decision to make. You need to know both sides of AC repair and replacement. Besides, while making a decision, you’ll have to consider a few factors such as the cooling system’s age, condition, repair cost, etc.

For example, if your air conditioner is relatively older and isn’t functioning properly, it’s better to replace the whole unit. Because even if you repair your old air conditioner, it won’t perform the same. It’ll be inefficient, and you’ll have to pay more money on cooling bills. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the AC will run smoothly for the next couple of years. You may need another AC repair after five to six months, which means you’ll have to spend money on repair again. But it’s best if you consult with Dallas professionals before deciding.

1. How Much the AC Repair Will Cost?

At first, you’ll have to consider the cost of the AC repair. If your air conditioner needs a minor repair like drain line cleaning or replacing a broken capacitor, you can go for an AC repair. But if the AC repair cost is half of the value of your current air conditioner, you should ditch the AC repair and replace your old AC with a new one. Let me explain why.

Generally, expensive AC repairs are compressor replacement, evaporator coil replacement, etc. When these components need repairs, you need to understand that your cooling system is in its end-stage, and you’ll have to say goodbye to your old friend. In addition, if the AC is old, it’s a big no for this type of expensive AC repair.

Apart from the cost, you’ll have to consider how often your cooling system requires AC repairs. If you need to repair the AC every three to four months, you must replace your air conditioner.

2. How Energy-Efficient Your Current AC Is?

While deciding on AC repair or replacement, you’ll have to consider your current air conditioner’s SEER rating or efficiency. If your cooling unit’s SEER rating is less than 14, you should replace your cooling system. Because according to the new rule by the USEIA, every air conditioner must have SEER rating 14 or above. Besides, since 2015, all the air conditioners installed in Dallas have had a SEER rating of 14 and above.

But why does the SEER rating matter? You can save up to half of the total energy cost when you have a high SEER-rated cooling system. Besides, a higher SEER rating means more efficiency and comfort.

If you have repurchased your AC 10 years ago, which had a SEER rating of 12, by now, its energy efficiency has lowered for sure. This means your current air conditioner is nowhere near the efficiency of a modern HVAC system.

However, if your AC is new and needs repair, you shouldn’t hesitate to do the necessary repairs.

3. What is the Refrigerant Type of Your Air Conditioner?

If your air conditioner is currently running on R22 refrigerant, without question, you should replace your air conditioner. Because according to the new rule by the USEIA, the use and production of R22 are illegal. As a result, if you need to refill the refrigerant, you’ll have to purchase the refrigerant from the black market, which will cost you double. Above all, it’s illegal and causes harm to the environment.

The new and modern HVAC system uses R410A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and doesn’t damage the ozone layer.

4. Is Your Current Cooling System Meeting Your Comfort Needs?

Are you satisfied with your current cooling unit? Are you getting the desired cooling from your AC? Is your AC keeping everyone in your house comfortable?

If all these are yes, you should go for AC repair. Otherwise, you must replace your current air conditioning unit. Because if you’re not satisfied or not getting the desired comfort, there is no point in spending money on it. Instead, you should buy a modern cooling system that meets all your needs and comes with advanced features.

5. How Long Are You Going to Stay in Your Current Home?

If you’re planning to move from your rented house soon, you won’t be able to enjoy the AC upgrade that much. In this case, if the AC repair isn’t that much expensive, you should go for an AC repair.

However, if you live in your own house and planning to sell it, replacing your air conditioner is a good idea. Because when you upgrade your air conditioner, it increases the value of your house, which means that you can ask for more money while selling the home.

6. How Well Maintained Your AC Is?

Air conditioner maintenance has a direct impact on how it performs and its efficiency. If you have maintained your air conditioner well, such as replacing the air filter regularly, air duct cleaning, etc., you can go for AC repair. But if you have neglected the AC maintenance, your AC is indeed in bad condition, and it needs replacement.



So, before taking a decision on whether to replace or repair the AC, you’ll have to consider the age, efficiency, condition, and refrigerant type. If these factors are satisfactory, you should call Dallas cooling professionals and do repairs. Otherwise, you’ll have to replace your cooling system.


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