6 Safety And Organization Tips For Your Valuables During A Home Project

November 22, 2021

It’s essential to keep your personal belongings or valuables in a secure place during a home project. Whether you have a general cleaning, renovation, extension, or relocation project, it pays off to know how you can organize your valuables to keep them safe. You want to make sure that you’ll be able to keep your things safely and use them again without problems once you finish your project.

Below are some safety and organization tips for your valuables during a home project:

1. Use Storage Units

Storage units promote the organization and safety of your belongings during a renovation or any home project. Renting storage space provides a safe place to store valuables until your home project is finished or ready to move into a new home.

Check out these storage unit tips for your valuables during a home project:

  • Keep all important documents safely and store them in a storage unit for a major house renovation project.
  • Store gardening and other agricultural tools and equipment in a storage unit if you have an extensive landscaping or excavation project to repair sewage pipes.
  • Protect your motorcycle, car, boat, or other vehicles against elements by renting out a storage unit that can accommodate them.

2. Use Large Storage Boxes

Big plastic storage boxes are great for keeping more valuables in one place. For instance, if you’re planning to renovate your child’s room, you can keep all stuffed toys, puzzles, and decors in large storage boxes. In that way, you can keep them safe until you’re ready to display them once the room renovation is finished.

You can use large storage boxes for a kitchen remodeling project to keep your dinnerware, tableware, and other kitchen tools and equipment. Place them in a safe area to avoid disrupting the workers renovating your kitchen counters or pantry.

Here are some storage tips when using large plastic boxes:

  • Check the weight capacity of the large storage boxes with the manufacturer.
  • Don’t put too many items that the plastic container can’t accommodate. Even the toughest storage box can crack or sustain damage when you put too many things inside.
  • Avoid combining flammable items. Keep them in separate containers and store them in one safe area.

3. Eliminate Clutter

Unused toys, books, clothes, and other things you see lying around the home are clutter. Remove these things by storing them in large boxes or throwing them away to avoid causing delays or safety hazards in your home project. You can hire a rubbish bin rental service to eliminate bulky clutter or waste at home.

4. Store Valuables In The Basement Or Attic

You can use the space in your attic or basement to store your valuables when you need to repair or replace your roof, knockout walls, or any other home project. Keep your chairs, tables, and furniture items in these areas until you’re done with the renovation. In this way, you can easily access and reposition them when the living room, master bedroom, or kitchen is ready to use.

Before you store valuables in the attic or basement, ensure that the area is clean and free from water leakage that can cause mold. If mold occurs, your belongings are at risk of damage caused by fungi. Clean the attic or basement to ensure the safety of your valuables.

5. Use Empty Cabinets And Shelves

If you have empty shelves and cabinets at home, you can use them to store smaller items such as picture frames, figurines, silverware, and glassware during a home project. In this way, you can keep small objects out of sight, organizing them in a safe place.

6. Sell Or Donate Unused Items

For unused items that can still be beneficial to other people, you can sell them and make extra money. For example, you can sell unused or old clothes, shoes, furniture, or appliances in online marketplaces. You can also hold a garage sale to get rid of all unwanted items at home.

Donating unused items is also an excellent way to help other people get rid of them to give way to a major home project. Many victims of natural disasters or calamities can benefit from the items you’ll donate, especially clothes and beddings.


During a home project, you can safeguard your belongings by renting storage units, eliminating clutter, and sorting out your valuables to determine what you can dispose of, sell, or donate. Proper organization of your valuables can help complete your home project faster, allowing you to resume your routine as soon as possible.


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