6 Signs Your Home Humidifier Needs Repairs

November 16, 2021

If you have a humidifier in your home, it can be distressing if it starts to malfunction, especially if it greatly aids in improving the environment of your home. A humidifier is a device filled with water under the control of a humidistat. The machine measures the moisture in the air and adds humidity as needed.

Once you start to notice any problems with your humidifier, it's good to know that most of these issues are easy to fix. Here are some of the common problems you're likely to encounter with your humidifier that might require repairs:

1. Noisy Humidifier

The majority of homeowners use humidifiers to help them sleep at night. Once your device starts to produce unusual sounds and becomes too noisy, it can disrupt your sleeping routine.

A noisy humidifier might be a sign of a problem with the fan. In such instances, the only thing you can do is test the fan and either repair or replace it with a new one. If you're not comfortable tinkering with the electronics of your humidifier, you can always get in touch with a professional. When you're facing this issue, you might want to check out reliable professionals such as Climate Control and others who can efficiently tackle humidifier issues.

2. Humidifier Not Working

One of the common issues many homeowners encounter with their humidifier is it no longer works all of a sudden. Some complain that the humidifier fails to turn on after getting it out of the box while others no longer work only after a few weeks of use. Although it can be tricky to pinpoint the issue precisely, you can do a few fixes:

  • If the humidifier is on but nothing is happening, you need to inspect for power. Double-check if you completely inserted the cord into the outlet.
  • Don't forget to check if your device is on a level surface. Some models need to be on a level surface before they start to work. It's true among humidifiers with an anti-tip feature.

3. Foul Odor From The Humidifier

If you experience an undesirable odor coming from your humidifier when you switch it on, it requires attention. Luckily, as long as it's not a burning smell, you can quickly remedy the issue. One of the usual reasons for the foul odor in your humidifier is a dirty filter or the formation of mold and bacteria in the device.

You need to clean the humidifier and follow a regular maintenance routine. Rinse the tank after every use, but you need to perform a thorough clean at least once a week.

4. White Dust Moving Out From The Humidifier

The presence of white dust from your humidifier is also a common concern among many homeowners. It can be quite alarming if this is your first time to encounter such, especially if your humidifier is close to dark surfaces.

The white residue is the lingering mineral debris once the mist evaporates into the air. In most cases, it's likely to happen if you're using hard water in your humidifier, which you can remedy by switching to distilled water.

Remember that the white dust isn’t harmful, but it's likely to clog up your humidifier more quickly.

5. Leaking Humidifier

Many homeowners are likely to encounter a leaking humidifier at some point. Once you notice a puddle on the floor or leak from your device, you must identify the source. If the leak originates around the nozzle, switch the mist level to a lower range.

The tank is also susceptible to leaks, but before assuming it has a crack, check the cap first. If you fail to seal the tank cap properly, it can steadily leak or cause the humidifier not to gain enough water to function normally.

Don't forget to position the water tank into the machine properly. Some humidifiers are likely to leak if not in a level position or surface. If your humidifier isn’t leaking from the top or tank, it's likely an issue with the base. If you notice a trickle of water from one of the seams on the base or below the system, it might be best to get in touch with a professional or call customer support. It can be a deadly combination when both electricity and water are present, so avoid using your device.

6. Issues With The Humidistat

There are instances in which the humidistat needs attention where it might have a problem. Once you suspect the humidistat is the culprit, the first move is to disconnect all the wires attached to it. Use a multimeter to test the humidistat. If the humidistat is functional, it should conduct power during on mode.

Once the multimeter detects an issue with the humidistat, it can be challenging to fix. The best move you'll make is to replace the part entirely.


A humidifier is a must-have device if you want to maintain a comfortable environment in your home at all times. Sadly, you're likely to encounter problems with the device along the way. You can readily fix some of these common problems, but you can always call a professional to help deal with them and get your humidifier back in good shape.

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