9 Things Nobody Tells You About Visiting New York city As A Couple

November 5, 2021

New York is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Whether you, as a couple, are a fashion lover, art lover, cinema lover, or nature lover, New York has something for you – in fact, the possibilities are endless.

However, there are several things that you should know when visiting New York City as a couple. Unfortunately, not many websites talk about these things. But don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss the top nine things that nobody tells you about visiting New York City. Let’s get started!

1 – You Can Live Comfortably at a Low Budget

When it comes to living on a budget, New York has a plethora of options. In fact, Coliving NYC has become a very popular concept in the city, especially for couples visiting the city. The good thing is all these apartments are fully furnished and come with no restrictions. Plus, they have flexible lease terms and come with all the necessary utilities, such as electricity, gas, water, Wi-Fi. And one monthly payment covers it all.

Another benefit is that you can choose from plenty of locations so you can enjoy your vacation in the way you want.

2- Public Transport is Great

While you would want as much privacy as possible, New York’s public transport is great, even for couples. Express and local Subway trains are great for visiting notable tourist places. Taxis, on the other hand, are expensive and not usually worth it. At the same time, you should avoid renting a car or bringing your own one. That’s because the cost of bridges and parking is not cheap.

3- Several Parks

As they say, New York is an urban jungle. No matter where you are in the city, there’s always a park nearby. You can sit and relax with your better half and enjoy the view. Some of the good parks in New York are High Line and Bryant Park.

4- Avoid Times Square During Weekends

Times Square is one of the most popular areas in New York. In fact, it is always jam-packed with people. As a couple, you would also want to enjoy the location. However, since it is densely populated, you might not be able to enjoy it the way you want. Instead, visit Times Square during weekdays and around 4 pm. You will be able to enjoy it a lot better.

5- Dine-in at “A” rating restaurants

You would not want to fall ill during your vacations. Therefore, only eat at restaurants that have “A” rating from the NYC health department. You will see the rating outside of the restaurant, if not, avoid dining there as it might not be as hygienic as it should be.

6- Not all places stay awake the whole night

While many parts of New York don’t sleep the whole night, other parts do. As a couple, you would not want to go hungry to a place just to find it closed. Therefore, make sure to check the closing time of the place you’re going to visit.

7- You don’t need to click pictures with Elmos

Elmos are everywhere in New York. They, in fact, bug tourists for money by clicking pictures with you. Those assorted superheroes characters, such as Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, and others.

8- Consider choosing a room at higher floors

New York’s garbage trucks pick up huge amounts of trash every day. They usually do it between midnight and 6 am. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a room at higher floors. If not, you might wake up from their noise.

9- Do Your Research Ahead

New York is a big city, and visiting each destination might not be possible. And as a couple, you would want to spend as much quality time as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to do your research before visiting the city. Decide on a few locations that you want to visit and get the most out of your trip.


Visiting New York with your better half? Don’t forget the tips mentioned in this article, and have a great trip ahead!


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