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November 30, 2021


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Andrews, Texas, residents are preparing for winter with fall in full swing. In the past couple of years, specific parts of Texas have seen significant snow and colder temperatures. As a rule, the temperatures in the state remain relatively mild compared to other regions throughout the county during this time of the year.

It is now that homeowners want to take the opportunity to have air conditioners serviced after exhaustive use from sweltering summer temperatures. While many people will be shutting down for the cooler weather, some will continue to use their HVAC system.

That makes it essential to ensure a reliable repair service does a tune-up to check for minor defects before they turn into more significant issues that could create malfunctions, not to mention substantial expense.

Look into as an example of a leader in the industry. Following service calls, homeowners need to maintain the unit with basic care and upkeep until the next servicing in the spring.

Can A Homeowner Run the Air Conditioner in The Winter?

As a homeowner in Andrews, Texas, you might experience milder temperatures than other states throughout the country throughout the winter season. However, some areas of Texas have seen snow the last year or two, to their surprise.

As a rule, this is the time of year when air conditioning repair services provide preventative maintenance tune-ups. Technicians inspect the system after the long, sweltering summer to detect any minor defects or potential problems so these can be repaired before turning into more significant issues. Then the HVAC can either be shut down for the winter or continued to be used, particularly if you have a “reversible” AC also referenced as a “ductless heat pump” servicing the household as a heat source.

Some people also find a use for their air in a fan capacity when the furnace becomes stifling in an effort to make the house more comfortable.

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What Is Considered Too Cool to Have an Air Conditioner Operate Optimally

As with any appliance, there are specific conditions for which the air conditioning system needs to function at peak performance. When temperatures outdoors are not warm enough, the unit cannot operate as it is intended.

You can generally check the manufacturer’s handbook to determine the minimum for optimum functionality is for your specific type, model, or brand. The suggestion is roughly 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the weather becomes cooler, the indication is that the refrigerant begins to perform inadequately, causing the AC to function less efficiently with the potential for damage to the unit. Some things you might anticipate:

  • Bearings and other moving parts damaged
  • Lubricant becoming thickened
  • Refrigerant coils freezing

How Can the Air Conditioning Run in The Winter?

Ducted units and furnaces can create expensive utility bills. Many homeowners look for alternative options to the separate units that will give comparable results in heating, albeit save costs. Rather than separating the systems, it is wise to have merely one appliance, for example, with a “reversible mini-split heat pump.”

These systems mean to provide cool air in the summertime yet heat the household in the winter. By working in reverse in the winter using a device referenced as a “reversing valve,” the HVAC system can provide efficiency year-round instead of just one season. Go here for HVAC maintenance tips for this time of the year.

Final Thought

A homeowner in the warm state of Texas might not require the heat mode for the coming winter season, depending on whether snow is in their future again this year. As a rule, the season is milder for the region of the country, causing some to need their air conditioning for an extended period, if not year-round.

That makes it even more vital that residents take advantage of tune-up services right about this time of the year to ensure no defects or problems might have developed after exhaustive use from the sweltering summer.

A trusted air conditioning professional can detect these issues and make the necessary corrections before significant problems arise, resulting in malfunctions or a potential shutdown.

If your temperatures drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, give your AC a break, or you will run the risk of damaging the unit.


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