Apartment Goals: Interior Design and Decorating

November 19, 2021

So you are finding yourself in an apartment that needs a little TLC (tender loving care). If so, no worries as you have luckily stumbled upon the perfect guide that will show you all the ways to make your pad out of this world. It all begins with setting goals for your apartment on what you would like place to be like. Many people find themselves without a design agenda leading them into having a mismatched nasty man (or woman) cave.

To start off, it is not about what you want your apartment to look like. Instead it is about how you want your apartment to feel. The concept behind the design is what will drive the process to reach that super star amazing level. Think about how certain colors, textures and materials make you feel before going out and buying that sparkly chandelier that looks cool but makes you feel like you are in a Vegas strip club. This is your home, you want to feel comfortable and peaceful.

apartment goals

The space above is slightly feminine with softness and light colors. The space would be boring without the clear plastic kitchen chairs. Think about how your artwork is displayed as well. This space is very small, but somehow seems to work very well.

If your apartment goals are more based on the rough masculine urban context then a space like this one above might suite you better. Also, there is no set guideline to follow when setting your goals as this widely depends on the existing architecture of the space. In this situation, the exposed brick wall really sets the tone of the space. Using metal and minimalist furniture really lets the architectural element shine.

Apartment Goals Overall Ideas

  • Think about the existing architectural elements and how they would coexist with your furniture.
  • Location is obviously a critical element depending on what your budget allows for.
  • Pictures of the apartment do not show how loud the nearby streets or highways are so make sure to visit before signing any leases!

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JJ Sterling
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