Backyard Goals: How to Design the Perfect Yard

November 28, 2021

Designing your backyard space can be quite the challenge at first. There are so many different things you can do with your backyard space. Firstly, you must decide what you will be using your backyard for. Do you want to have a barbeque space? Would an area for sipping coffee in the morning be useful for you? Or do you need a space to relax on your hammock and enjoy a good reading? Also, consider diy backyard lighting ideas to really make your space special. Keep reading below to determine what your backyard goals are!

Top Backyard Goals to Consider:

  • Have an outdoor table that seats at least 4.
  • Utilize plants and trees to create a sense of space verse having an open field.
  • Consider the path of the Sun and when you will mostly be using your backyard.
  • Think about purchasing a water feature if traffic noise is an issue.
  • Dedicating an open space for playing sports, especially if you have children.

Adding a pergola to your backyard instantly created a sense of space. This architectural element provides beautiful filtered sunlight to a semi-sheltered area. Furthermore, pergolas create an intimate and fun area to socialize with family and friends. I really like the pergola below as the natural wood material combined with the café style lighting and draped screens make it feel so cozy and inviting.

If you are so blessed to having a pool in your backyard then you are truly in luck. Having a pool creates a focal point for your yard. I love when pools have large outdoor pots with plants. Also, sculptures along your pool make the swimming experience feel that much more luxurious.

If you are going for a more laid back vibe in your backyard then something like the image below might be helpful. Sometimes that best spaces are the simplest as they make visitors feel comfortable and homey. The backyard below reminds me of my childhood home where we had over an acre of open grassy space to run around and have fun. If you are going for a backyard like this then I recommend having a bonfire space. The more natural the space is, the better.

Concluding Thoughts:

What are your backyard goals? Do you want a pergola, a pool, bonfire pit or all of the above? To see more great posts check out our InstagramFacebookPinterest, and Twitter for more.

JJ Sterling
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