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Building Wraps

Most if not all retail stores utilize building wraps. If you’re ever looking for these, you’ll need to look closely at the store’s location. In essence, these tend to provide a neat visual reminder so that customers can continue to visit and make purchases.

Building wraps usually include the likings of clothes, accessories, and perfumes that are readily seen and loved around any shopping center. If you didn’t already know, this is part of the advertising efforts to keep customers coming back for more. When customers are pleased, they will return or if they see something that they like, you can definitely be sure that they will be back for it.

Additionally, these can and have been used on apartment buildings and rental spaces to advertise something or the other. The best part about this is that it ensures that those who are looking will find what they desire. So in the case of advertising an empty space, you can rest assured because it will more than reach a large audience.

This ensures that the advertisement reaches the desired target market. Hence, a call to action picture works wonders for enticing interested parties. If you’re advertising your vacant building, a neat interior picture will generate a ton of viewing reservations or calls.

If you’re having an event, wraps and format banners are excellent for announcing your event or offering invites. These will definitely turn more than just one head and draw more customers to your location. However, it should be noted that these can be easily used for the purpose of decoration such as the Super Bowl. In other instances, they make exceptional advertising tactics for car dealerships, technological gear, and even food items.

How They Work

These building wraps tend to require a series of special tools. Some of these include a state-of-the-art digital printer. If you didn’t already know, this can cost a couple of thousand dollars. Other factors such as installation, the design, and the printing materials will be a huge factor in the total cost.

Installing a wrap requires specialized work and enough space. This is needed to set up the printer and conduct work on the banners. A ton of prep goes into preparing wraps and in some cases, builders and architects must first be consulted. When it comes to smaller designs, they should be welded together.

3 Advertising Benefits Of Building Wraps

1 – Large Audiences

Due to the size of the wrap, they can reach a large audience. When wraps are attached to buildings, they can be viewed by persons who are interested and even by those who later become interested. Just about any age group, nationality, and gender will have the opportunity to view these banners.

However, some ads will appeal to a certain demographic more than others. With that said, everyone will be able to have their attention drawn to your ads. When these wraps are fixed to very tall buildings in the metro, they will be viewed by a bigger influx of persons. Hence, the possibility of viewership increases.

While pamphlets and emails are easily ignored, a giant poster catches the eye and the heart. Highway banners or even waterfront banners appeal to tourists and others while being in the most strategic locations.

2 – Higher Customer Responsiveness

The number one goal of an ad is to initiate a customer response. When wraps are done, they can easily influence and motivate persons to instantly convert to customers. If you place your ad on the side of a mall with a featured product, customers will be able to come in and even look at additional merchandise. Placing a car ad close to the highway is a great marketing tactic that attracts more response for interested persons.

However, you need to employ eye-catching visuals to initiate the desired call to action that you’re looking for. The overall quality of an ad properly validates the message that your company hopes to send.

3 – Increased Brand Awareness

If it didn’t already occur, wraps usually stay on buildings for periods of up to 20 years or more. This provides the opportunity for persons to be constantly reminded of your produce or service. When it becomes a part of their daily routine, they will participate at some point if they need those products or services.

Building wraps can be thought of as a TV ad. This just simply means that in the same way messages are broadcasted multiple times for the day, your ad will be seen multiple times and used when needed. Think of it in the same way as a giant poster advertising refreshing juice with a catchy tagline that properly represents your company’s juice quality. Wouldn’t you automatically look for the advertised product at the store if you’re interested in trying juice?

Building wraps help people automatically recall your ads as they see them every day. By doing so, it entices them to try something new. When more and more people continuously view your ads, you’ll be able to build your brand awareness and grow your company quickly.


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