Celebrities From Chicago: Top 10

November 16, 2021

Celebrities From Chicago

The Windy City of Chicago located in the Midwest is home to a few key celebrities that have shapes the creative world. Lets begin to look at the top celebrities that have Chicago roots.

celebrities from chicago


Ye West (formerly known as Kanye West)

Kanye was born in Atlanta Georgia but moved to Chicago at just 3 years old. He made the move after his parents Donda and Ray divorced in 1980. He was influenced greatly on the city and references it in a lot of his art. His child's name is also Chicago. Chicago is very proud to have the creative genius part of their identity. Ye's family is very loving and great! He would visit the college I attended in Chicago (IIT) numerous times to speak and inspire the students.


Hillary Clinton

The former first lady and presidential candidate was born in the suburb Park Ridge in 1947. She was known as the favorite student by many of her teachers growing up. Furthermore, she sent a letter to NASA at a young age asking what she needed to do in order to become an astronaut only to find out that women were not allowed to be astronauts at the time.


Lupe Fiasco 

Lupe Fiasco started making music in the basement of his Chicago West side home. Discovered by Jay-Z, he then quickly became A-list. Additionally, his song "Go Go Gadget Flow" is directly about the wonderful city of Chicago.


Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer grew up in the neighborhood Englewood in Chicago. She has since left the city to pursue her acting and singing career but is frequently in the city to visit her family. Read more about Jennifer Hudson's House.


Sherri Shepherd

The comedian and actress is most known for being a co-host on The View. She was born in Chicago. Also, after getting her first gig her agent told her that she could quit her job as a legal secretary so she did. Cancellation of the gig became the reality. She then became homeless for a year. Sherri says how drastic this industry is. Overall, she is funny and bubbly, I just love her!


Michelle Obama & Barack Obama

The power couple met while working in a law firm in Chicago. Later on they married and raised their children in the Southside neighborhood on Kenwood before moving to the White House.


Some Other Celebrities From Chicago



Final Words about the Celebrities from Chicago

Whether they are sports players or musicians, you now know some of the celebrities from Chicago. Finally, if you enjoyed reading about celebrities from Chicago then check out other articles on our site. Lastly, check out our InstagramTwitter, and Facebook accounts and leave your thoughts and comments there too.


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