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Celebrities Who Live In San Francisco

celebrities that live in san francisco

Celebrities Who Live In San Francisco

Believe it or not, not all celebrities just live in Los Angeles and New York City. Some prefer to live in other area in the United States and even the world. Did you know that there are some celebrities that live in the Bay area? Some of the celebrities include CEO’s of tech companies, musicians, and actors. Finally, we will look at this list of celebrities who live in San Francisco.

Tim Cook

Firstly, this man has been in the area for quite some time now. Secondly, he is the CEO of Apple which is headquartered in the Bay Area. His homes is humble and is located near downtown Palo Alto. Furthermore, it has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with almost 3,000 square feet of space. It is actually quite surprising he does not live in something even larger if you ask me. Finally, check out more of his home here.

Mark Zuckerberg

The CEO of Facebook lives very close to where Tim Cook does in Palo Alto. Also, it seems like the tech guys enjoy living in Silicon Valley to be close to work as well. Facebook is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

Chris Isaak

Chris is a musician and does acting sometimes on the side. He currently resides in the Sunset district of San Francisco. This area look like is super pretty and is very close to the beach in SF as well.

Some Other Celebrities Who Live In San Francisco

James Hetfield – Musician

Huey Lewis – Musician

M.C. Hammer – Musician

Danny Glover – Actor

Whether they are CEOs or musicians, you now know some of the celebrities that currently live in the Bay area. Finally, if you enjoyed reading about celebrities who live in San Francisco then check out other articles on our site. Lastly, check out our social media accounts and leave your thoughts and comments there too.


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